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Magic Mouthwash and Taste Buds

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I was in to see my doctor yesterday for a 4-week follow-up (everything looks good, by the way) and wanted to pass on something she told me about Magic Mouthwash. If you use it before eating it may dull the taste buds (temporarily, not permanently). I found this to be true; I was using it before eating to make eating more comfortable. But when I don't use it I can taste my food more. I wanted to pass this along. If you're relying on it the way I have been, you may have more of your taste back than you realize! I've got at least 50% of my taste back at this point, if not more, and I can really taste both salt and sweets.

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I believe that statement.  I consumed a six-pack of MM and loved the stuff.  Post treatments I sampled the stuff and could not believe I ever used it, let alone six bottles.  Conclusion, my taste buds are improving.


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That stuff helped me so much, but I tried to only use it when I was in pain.  It made me drool and I've tried to savor every bite of food I'm able to eat.  My taste buds are trying to come back but they only like fruits/veggies and meats right now.  NO sweets! 


Very glad to hear your follow up went well! :)

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If you're taking meds (pills) by mouth, do not use MM prior. It numbs your tongue and throat and makes swallowing them difficult and a choking hazard!


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I didn't know that. I will remember it, though. Goodness knows, we don't need anymore difficulties than we already have!

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Each MM formula may be different. For example, mine contain no lidocaine so no numbing effect or at least not as strong as it does seems to create some soothing effect from one of the ingredients.

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