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Does any body know about KennyH?

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It's been nearly 6 months since we don't know about him ! Just after an apparently not very important surgery in his lug! Anybody knows about?

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Any research about our old an dear friend he was a fix one on my Fridays post and suddenly ......!
Hugs dear Marie!

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I have been worried about him ever since he found he had lung mets. I don't think we have heard from him since then. Like you , I hope he is ok...Ron.

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Soon after Kenny stopped posting, I began searching for him.  Unfortunately I had very little info to go on.  I basically knew he was from southeast Texas and his approximate age.  His avatar was not a good closeup to be able to get a good look at his face.  Based on CSN info, he has not been on this site since Oct.21, 2012.  He had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

If anyone here has any more information such as a wife's name or exact city he lived in or near or number of children or anything which helps to narrow the field I will be glad to try again.  I have thought about him often.

So friends of KennyH, bring on your tidbits of info and I will get out the search party.

Marie who loves kitties

PS Does anyone know if he lived in San Antonio?  He had once mentioned that he lived about 4 hrs from MD Anderson?



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Could be anywhere along the coast by his avatar he enjoyed fishing in the gulf maybe Corpus or Victoria or near there.

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Dear Pepe, I have been searching and searching.  I did come up with one person who may have been our Kenny H.   I was able to blowup his avatar pic to get a better look at his face.  I found the following:



I checked this person's facebook page and that of his brothers and friends looking for the pic Kenny used for his avatar, but did not find it.  For this person, all the pics were more recent and showed a much thinner person, however pics of his brother's resembled our Kenny.

I can't be 100% sure if this is our Kenny H., but the gentleman in the obit died after a long cancer battle.  So, we will send blessings to the family regardless.

Marie who loves kitties

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Your research has been helpful.  I enjoy seeing their picture and what the family has to say

Good work Marie


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I think it was probably our Kenny, he had mets to the brain and had hoped surgery would get rid of them if I remember rightly.  Dang it!!!  Another good man gone from us. Thank you Marie for researching.

In my computer I've had my will typed up in "word" for quite sometime now, I think I will add this URL and my password on a second page as with the instructions for my family should that day ever come to let you all know. Not that I plan on going anywhere soon mind you.

many of us keep this place for ourselves so that we don't worry our families with our thoughts and fears, but once I'm gone from this world I would like for you my friends to know instead of wondering what happened to me. Because I realize with my hair an inch short you won't be able to "see" if it was me from my avatar.

I wonder if I sent a card to the funeral home if it would reach his family?

Winter Marie


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I really appreciate your research skills, Marie.  This just makes me so sad.  Our little online family is taking one hit after another.

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And sad month what the hell is happening ?
Thanks Marie you are a really helpful lady as usual!

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Another loss in our family.  I'm sorry to hear of his passing.  I've been wondering about his whereabouts as well and sorry that he has gone.  My best wishes to his family and friends.


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It is so sad to see that cancer has snatched another great person. Pray that heErnest's in peace. Jeff

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