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Any help with question for my surgeon tomorrow?

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So tomorrow is the big appointment with the thoracic surgeon. I have a list of questions made up him.

I know this is last minute, but I was wondering if any of  you that have gone thru a lung a biopsy had any suggestions for any questions?

I have the usual what type of surgery, how long is it, how long is the hospital stay, what is recovery like, side effects, bad things that could happen, how long for pathology results, someone suggested I make sure they get enough tissue for genetic testing (I have no idea why, but it can't hurt to make sure, just in case right?), where is the stuff on my lung located, where are the lymph nodes that are coming out, etc etc.


Can anyone think of anything I may be missing? I also have written down to discuss plans for the IV during surgery so I am not subjected to the carelessness of the general surgeon who took out my appendix.


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and all of your questions are answered.  You have a pretty good list going...  just make sure you write them all down and it doesn't hurt to have someone there with you taking notes.  I have learned to ask as many questions as I need to feel as informed as I can.  One I would add is risk of infection from the surgery?  I have not had this surgery but have had 23 other surgeries and have found that when I know what to expect when I come out, makes the recovery process so much easier. 

Prayers and hugs as you continue with this!  See you on the bus.


Candi Cane
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I just want to say good luck to you!

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just checking back to see how  things are going!


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