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week 7 for ron

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halfway thru week 7 with ron

so far so good.

7 chemos done , 1 to go , and 7 left of 39 rads.

he has done very well, wednesdays and thursdays are tough, nausea doesnt seem to be curbed much with any med they have tried.

no taste but knows to eat to survive. does still eat soft foods. cant get him to touch the ensure anymore so he drinks the milk and carnation.

sunburned look to the neck but no sores.

used the mugard and 1 small sore but not open.

xylimelts are good at night for him for the dry mouth.

silvadene for the neck does wonders.

thankyou all for your advice.

a little shaken up due to aunt dying from leukemia this week. they live by us and we are the only relatives near each other within 3 states.

leaning on each other to get thru this.

I try to get on to read about how you all are doing, its difficult going between 2 household in need, so no time to get online. know that I keep

prayers going for all of you and am sooooooo grateful to all of you for prepping us for this journey.

God Bless,


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janet, i'm very sorry to hear about his aunt.  as if u batteling the beast isn't hard enuf.  i'm very happy that ron is do'n so well.  that is a blessing.  we all understand y u don't have time to get online.  life is hard and theres not a lot of extra time when u r go'n thru trmnt.  take care and we'll hear from u when life slows down a little.


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My congrats to Ron for reaching the final countdown. I hear a bell ringing in the near future! From your description, he's doing quite well! Much better than I was at that point and I had less treatments! 

Hang in there and remember, the first few weeks post treatment he'll be "cooking". But based on how well he's done thus far, it bodes well for him. 

Positive thoughts and prayers. Sorry to hear about your Aunt.


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Sorry for your loss. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. Sounds like Ron is doing as well or better than could be expected, that's a plus!

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for your loss!  I am glad to hear how well Ron is doing...he's a trooper!!  Single digits are a beautiful thing :)

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thankyou all,

yes he is lucky, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and praying not.

T , I am going to buy him a cowbell to ring on last treatment. lol

Aunt had 3 adult boys that are challenged so to say, and they are all married in their 40s with challenged wives.

I think I got them on the right track and all is getting done that needs done, I hide in the background and get the flyaways they miss.

funeral is friday, lots of relative coming which is making ron anxious, he didnt want his parents to see him so skinny or sick. But I told

him to suck it up and enjoy their time here.

ron would like to know when it will get easier to swallow and when the earliest taste comes back?

and will his nausea go away once treatments stop?

Thankyou ,

God Bless,


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I did not have chemo, and my taste is coming back slowly but surely.  I'm one month out of treatments and have been eating solid food for about 2 weeks.  My taste buds have changed a lot and I don't like any sweets right now.  I can taste some things but not fully yet.  


I hope he can enjoy seeing family even though it's under sad circumstances.  I'm sure everyone will be very happy to see him! 

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We are certainly all different, I chose smoothies over (most) soft foods because the feel disgust me so.  Be happy Ron did not turn down that road.

Happy to know the Xylimelts work for him, they work for me too as did the Silver Sulfadiazine Cream.

Since he is way ahead of me on eating, I hope he is way ahead of me in tasting.  I had a Vanilla cone today and just as a test I also had a Chocolate cone too.  I am still mulling it over which was best so I’ll wait awhile and try again.

Ron is probably in the worst time (now and next few weeks) of treatment side effects, but he should feel better soon.

Hang in there.


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He's almost at the end of the daily trudge out the door...and for me that was a huge relief.  Lots of healing to do afterwards, but at least he can kick back and watch the food channel (that's what I did....I was never so hungry in my life).

Sorry to hear about your aunt....but at least you live close enough to be there for family.


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matt I got the xylimelts on your suggestion, they work very well at this stage.

phrannie he cant stand commercials with food in them, he mutes the tv or changes the channels, lol.

as for his aunt, her hospice nurse didnt show for 72+ hours, I took care of her with uncle. this also happened when my father passed.

I am very upset over this happening and since I am a nurse I made a few phone calls and hope this company suffers.

Baking and cooking, dropping food off and doing whatever I can to get them thru this. when everyone gone I will help pick the peices up

and try to assemble them. I dont cry in front of people or ron, have to be strong for them.

I am trying to take care of myself, I have a couple who are my sitters and like grandparents to my youngest , they are rocks for me, and so are you all.

ron wont eat or drink on wed or thurs, nausea and fatigue is at its peak then.

just pray for strength for us.



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