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Hello again

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It's been several months since I posted anything but I always think of you guys. You had been a big help when I first got diagnosed and now I am so proud tell you that I finished my chemo by Jan 30 and done with radiation in April and now on the road to recovery. It was very hard at first, got into deep depression,a lot of aches and pains and I started not liking who I was after. But with the help of my family and my faith, I am doing much better. My hair is growing, darkened and brittle nails are growing back, my face is clearing from those dark pigmentation and a lot more that I thought it would not get better. More good days than bad ones! I still have a lot of joint pains since I started on Femara  and my shoulder hurts from the radiation (got burned so bad)but I take it day by day. It's definitely a life changing and i know I will never be the same again but for what is given to me to live again, I will forever live to the best I can and to be a better person! Hi to Patfried and Dianehelen...we were all diagnosed almost athe same time. Hope you guys at doing great as well!


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Hi Eleanor!  It;s great to read your good news!  Congrats on finishing rads and chemo!  You are doing the best thing for yourself, just take it one day at a time.  That's all any of us can do and enjoy it the best you can! 

Sue :)

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Glad that the worst is behind you.  Aromatase Inhibitors do cause joint pain.  Perhaps you can ask your primary or oncologist for some voltaren gel.  That helps with joint pain using it sparingly.  Best of Luck.


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Eleanor, congrats on finishing chemo and rads! 

Hugs, Jan

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Congratulations on a job well done ..


Vicki Sam



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Jean 0609
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Thanks for the update.  Congratulations on finishing chemo.  It is a good feeling, isn't it. 





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Glad to hear you are through with chemo and rads.  May you continue to feel better and have a wonderful life.


Lynn Smith
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Getting over the treatment is an accomplishment. I didn't need chemo or radiation but those of you that had it have had ups and downs but get through it.You're doing good now.That's what counts.

Praying this beast NEVER comes back and you remain cancer Free.

Lynn Smith 

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Congratulations Eleanor!  It's great to see you post! 

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Congrats Eleanor and great to hear from you again!

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Really good news and it is so good to see your beautiful face again!  Thanks for the update!

Hugs, Leeza

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Happy this is behind you..


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