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Do I dare say "Celebrate"?

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What have any of you done to celebrate your end of treatment, clear scans, news of NED, etc?  My husband just finished his 12 rounds of chemo.  We want to do something really special to celebrate, like a trip or a party.  He originally thought he wanted a belated birthday party (he turned 60 during treatment) but now thinks just the two of us should take a vacation - which is my preference.  I know cancer will always be hanging over us, but I think it is important to celebrate.  We have the follow up appt. with onc. in another month so hopefully we'll know then what is next, scan schedule, colonoscopy, etc.  We don't know right now if things are looking good, but the achievement of finishing 12 rounds is something I want to celebrate with him.  I just wondered how some of you marked these events?  Thanks for any input.


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If a trip sounds good to DH, then go for it.  I took several short weekend outings even while doing tx, so taking a longer one to celebrate the end of chemo sounds like a great plan to me.  We never did any "official" celebrations, like a party, because I am way too superstitious and afraid of jinxing myself, but a vacation is always a terrific idea, imo.  Tell him congrats from me...it's a big achievement getting through that crap.  AA

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We took small trips to celebrate ending chemo, neds etc....   We used to go to the Wine Country in Cali. That is our go to vacation. Beautiful country side, good food, and great wines.  We camp at Lake Cachuma or Lake Lopez and enjoy the relaxation.


Now we live in the AZ Mountains.  We go kayaking on the lakes to watch the Bald Eagles, etc....


Go Celebrate Life!

Best Always,  mike

Cathleen Mary
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Life is meant to be enjoyed.  You have a lot to celebrate. My two cents: Do whatever gives you both joy.

Cathleen Mary

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That is time to celebrate.  Actually we did a short trip the day of finishing treatment, but then a couple weeks later took a week away and then went to the casino for three days (something that I'd not done in a year).  We just did it the two of us, but shared it with the family at Thanksgiving time.  Whatever you do - have an awesome time.  Congrats to hubby.


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Celebrate every time you get good news.  


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Well, just yesterday we got an invitation to an out of town wedding in PA, 1 week after the wedding we're planning to go to in NC.  Maybe we will make a full week plus of driving to both of these weddings?  He mentioned going back to Vegas (we went there 2-1/2 years ago for our 25th anniv) but it's a big trip and pretty expensive.  I'm sure we could find some casinos between NC and PA to visit.

Thank you all for your input. I think driving somewhere will be more enjoyable and then we can take the road less traveled.  I wish we lived closer to CA, I'd love to do a wine country trip.  We live in western NY so CA is a long way away.

Love to all,  Linda

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Celebrate  every little  achievement, how small or big they are......!!!!! Celebrations are important and gives you a boost.

Enjoy your trip.

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I need something to look forward to also!  Thanks,  Linda

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In PA there is a new casino which is at Rocky Gap.  Haven't been there, but looks like a fun place and is in a great outdoor rec location.

It is a bit off your track from PA to NC, but check it out.  May be worth the detour.

Hope you and hubby have a wonderful trip.

Marie who loves kitties


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Thanks Marie, I just looked it up and it is beautiful.  It may be on the way from NC to Skytop Lodge in the Poconos.  A stop in Washington, D.C. or Baltimore may also be in the cards. 

Something to look forward to....



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We do didnt do a huge celebration... But about 8 weeks after finishing chemo we went out to dinner.  I got to eat sushi and have sake for the first time in almost a year.  Sushi is my favorite food and I couldn't have any while on chemo.  I did check with the dr and he said to wait for 2 months before eating it.  Just to make sure that my immune system had had time to recover.  



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I just finished my 12th treatment and my CT scan today showed that I'm NED!!!  I'm going to celebrate big time!  Next week I'm going to Alabama for my 35th high school reunion, the weekend after all my girlfriends are throwing me a HUGE party and then the end of September my husband and I are going to Sedona, Arizona for a week.  Today, my husband and I couldn't quit crying after getting the news that I'm NED.

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That is great news, I am so glad you are celebrating with so many people.  Enjoy it all...

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I never thought to celebrate, It sounds like a WONDERFUL idea.  I'd say pick anything or anywhere you want to celebrate, enjoy it!!  The vacation for the two of you sounds like a terrific idea and a way to get away from the cancer world for a bit!


Winter Marie

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Oooh! I'm a firm believer in using any and all occasions to celebrate! And this is certainly an ideal one! I say: whateever takes your fancy. And then maybe do it all over again.

Congratulations!! So happy for you...


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