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Been gone for a while

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Sorry about being out but have been back to work and am eating just about what I want to now (whew).I have been on from time to time reading your post.Just wanted to say hello to all still out there and to thank all those that have helped me through this fight.Will be getting my(12 week) pet scan tommorow and will learn of its outcome next week.Getting a little saliva but still fighting that battle say about 2% range.Just wanted to let everyone here know that i thank you for your replies and post i know I'm not alone.Thanks again.

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Hey you..., glad you stopped in...

Thoughts & Prayers for that scanxiety you are feeling. Sounds like you are doing well and right on schedule for a good recovery.



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Eating, working and living, sounds right.

Scanxiety aside, have a clean scan.


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Prayers for a clean scan!

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Anyone with "fish" in his screen name is alright with me! Good luck with the scan.

Positive thoughts and prayers


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welcome back!  good luck w/the scan.  hoping the waiting time goes by quickly.


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