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favorite ways to make water taste good

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Hello all,


I'm doing platinum based chemo treatment again and am wanting to drink more water, but have had trouble with the taste. Usually I love just plain water but it seems to get more "chemo" taste just straight. I've been trying some different experiments this week and thought I'd share. been using organic fruit and veggies for these. I'd love to hear your ideas too:


ice water with a little squeezed fresh orange


ice water with a few crushed ripe raspberries. have also added a little drop of maple syrup


ice water with cucumber slices


half ice water and half green tea with a peach slice



Diagnosis 5/2010 Unstaged grade 3 endometrial cancer

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation in 2010-2011

Abdominal recurrence 2/2012 with intermittent reduction and growth

Hormone treatment, Doxil, Single agent Avastin and now Carbo, Avastin and Taxotere

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Hi Teresa, your ideas make water sound so refreshing!  I'm not on chemo now, but that metallic taste is something I definitely remember.  One thing that worked for me was cinnamon gum.  I could chew some before drinking or eating, and it would clear my mouth of the weird taste (briefly, but it was a nice break!). Best of luck with your treatment.  You sound like you're very creative, and that's a great way to stay positive!


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thank you michele, for the cinammon gum idea! i have been using peppermints and ginger mints too..

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