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Man have I been gone..

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Hey everyone,

I have been off the board for sometime. Just wanted to pop in and see how everyone's doing.

My husband is offshore working, he is doing well. His mouth, teeth, gums and tongue are a complete mess.

The doc tried to cut back his pain meds and my husband tried, but he could not eat. His teeth, gums and togue gave him hell. To the point, he could not eat, due to the pain.

He is 2 years out and I beleive he will need some new teeth at some point, sooner than later.

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jim and i
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I was just thinking of you. Happy to hear things are going well, except for the mouth problem. Jim has no pain but his teeth are crumbling away. I keep nagging him to go to a dentist. Don't be a stranger for to long next time.

Blessings Debbie

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If he is working regardless of the treatment side effects then more power to him.  Keep moving forward and it is always nice to see people “pop in”


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Glad to hear your husband is doing well, besides the normal mouth issues. I am 14 months post tx and still seeing positive changes. I would have thought by now that progress would have stopped but it hasn't. Just back from a trip to Nassau and I have to say that between 25,000 and 35,000 feet my lower lip lite up with pins and needles. Once we landed it didn't take too long to return to my normal. I'm STILL battling the insurance company about implants and hoping those 30 HBOT tx that I did aren't going to waste.

Good to hear from you and hope your next check-in includes more good news and  continual improvement.


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Glad you stopped in... Tough to hear your hubby is still having problems. But he's doing pretty good (other than the oral side) from where he was in treatment.

Hang in there, I'm sure they'll get him hooked up.



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Glad to see you post... 2 years , sounds good. Hope all the mouth issues get taken care .....take care  , be safe ,be well.



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Pam M
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For me, too.

Good to hear he's working.  Sorry about the mouthissues.  I have more mouth issues than I used to, but Ican eat most things.  Hope you're doing well, too.


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