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Good News!!!

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I had my laparoscopic surgery yesterday.  We got up at 3am...left the house at 3:30am... Got to Baltimore around 5:30am.  I had to be there by 6am.  We waited and waited...they did not start the surgery until about 11:30am.  All went well.  The doctor said NED!  He did do an ultrasound?? On my liver...it looked good.  He did remove a cyst from one of my ovaries and told my husband that it came back good.  I was still in recovery when the Dr talked to my husband and when I was able to talk...the dr was already on the middle of another operation.  The only disappointing thing I was that the Dr did not find the source of the pain that I have been having since February.  He told my husband that it could possibly be the kidney...but that nothing showed up on the previous scan.  i will ask more about it when we go for the follow-up visit.


so here is the plan as far as I know it... Follow-up visit in about 2 weeks.  Go back for bloodwork in 3 months...to monitor CEA and other markers. Then scan in 6months... Pet/ct again....and check markeryear we might do another laparoscopic in a year...depending on how the scans and bloodwork look.  But for now...everything looks good.  I am patina little pain today...taking Oxy...so feel a bit loopy and nausea in waves.  But this will soon pass.

I hope everyone else is having a good day today.


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great... great... great to hear. Especially after all that bad stories lately.

A happy hug from Germany


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Hi Alex, I'm new to the board, but I'm very happy for you.  I hope you continue to be NED.  I see you have young kids - keep enjoying them.  God Bless! Myd

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Hi Alex, I'm new to the board, but I'm very happy for you.  I hope you continue to be NED.  I see you have young kids - keep enjoying them.  God Bless! Myd

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It's great to hear some good news. I hope it continues

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Nice to hear good news. Way to go!


- Karin

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Congratulations and best wishes for recovery and your maintenance follow-ups......nice to know you can turn it down right now:)

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I's about time that you had some good news for us.  Now be NED forever!!!

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So glad to hear that you got the "all clear".  You must be so relieved.  Wish they could have sorted out the pain for you, though.  It seems as though many of us cancer folk have to deal with mysterious aches and pains.  I developed wicked joint problems, and lower back pain, during tx two years ago, and it's never gone away.  Have had lots of scans that show no reason for the continued pain, not even inflammation, so I'm just stuck taking pain pills. If your issue is a side effect of surgery or tx, perhaps it will improve with time.

Hugs!  AA

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So good to hear about yout good results. Enjoy everyday and I pray all your future scans will be great.  Jeff

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So happy to read about your good news!!!


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Thats great. 

So glad to hear some good news for a change.

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That's great news!  I'm so happy for you!!

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Thank you so much everyone.  i have learned so much from all of you ... I don't know where I would be emotionally without all of your support.


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I have been think about you all day.  I am SO SO SO glad this went well. 

As another signet cell person I know the extra fear you probably had.  SO great.  You sound like you will be on a similar plan that I am on now.

Careful monitoring and continued follow up.  It really is not bad at all.

Enjoy and celebrate!!


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Congrats on your great news!! So happy for you! Continued Ned sounds great!!

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Excellent news! Congrats!

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Great news.  Congratulations.



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