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Elevated Liver enzymes

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After chemo and bilateral surgery I now have elevated liver enzymes.  Anyone else have experience with this?

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I know nothing about this, but hoping someone will see it and help out.

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are you on tamoxifen? Mine were elevated temporarily from that

New Flower
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Chemo, anastesic and sedation medications can cause elevated liver enzymes. Please drink a lot of water. Please Ask your doctor about it at your next appointment.

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No I don't.  What does your doctor say?  Do you have an appointment soon to see him?  Let us know what you find out and good luck.

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I had an experience with elevated liver enzymes once.  My Primary Care Doctor ordered another blood test, which showed the enzymes still higher and another.   My oncologist, she ordered a liver scan which was clear and another blood test which showed the liver enzymes completely back in the normal range.  I never did learn what made them go up and up and up.

However, I would talk to your oncologist.  Sometimes chemo does make the liver enzymes go out of range.





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