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Sad News: Hissy Fitz

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To my sister warriors,

I learned today that our dearest friend and supporter, Carlene Mullins (aka, Hissy Fitz), passed into the arms of Christ on Friday. My heart is breaking as I write this, because for so long I have put off contacting her. I do not know the cause of her death, whether or not it was related to cancer is not important. Her strong belief in living life with zest and her bigger than Texas, Texan heart, is sorely missed by me, and, I'm certain, by everyone whose life she touched. 

Sadly, Leesa

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I feel so sad. She loved life and was so brilliant! I liked very much her comments on this board. I was thinking about her often and will remember her forever. But I believe in spiritual life after death and I know she is in better place.

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I should have said "Carlene Mullins, aka Hissy Fitz."





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Shocked to hear abour Carlene.  It just seems like yesterday I was reading one of her posts.  She was doing so well and like Leesa said living life with zest.     

With deepest sympathy for her family and friends,





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I remember reading her posts.  I wish I could go back through and find her to know and remember her better.   Since I have been on trhis board this is the first person I have "known"  that has lost the battle. 

Wow.  It sure brings it home.  Everyone I see on here is so upbeat and courageous.  Reading everyones posts I can't believe you all have cancer.

But we do.  

Crying as I type this.  I don't know what else to say.  



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Carlene (Hissy_Fitz) was such a fixture on this board. Her posts were always so compassionate and informative.

This is from her profile: Don't give up. Never, ever, EVER give up. I don't care what anyone says my odds are. Screw you, Cancer. That's my motto.

Rest in peace Carlene. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

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I will miss her wit, wisdom, and spirit. Another beautiful soul gone - I HATE it. 

RIP to a fellow Texan. 


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2timothy1 7
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Hate to hear this. She was an upbeat personality. Enjoyed her posts also.  I do believe in a spiritual life after this one & this is the hope I cling to for myself and those that have passed on. RIP Hissy Fitz.

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Carlene was one of the first people I met 3 years ago when I joined the board. She was so inspiring. We were both in vaccine trials at the same time. Just the other day as I was being admitted to hospital for bowel obstruction I am sure I saw a post from her that she was being seen for the same thing. I could be wrong about that.

I have been wondering how she was doing as that was a couple weeks ago. I am just shocked to hear of her passing.

She was a tremendous person and I am sure she is leaving a wonderful family that will do her proud. I will pray that God grants peace, comfort, and strength for the family and friends.

RIP Carlene you sweet brave soul. Life well lived to the fullest.

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I know that Carlene had some issues when she last posted, but I had no idea that it was so critical.  My heart and prayers go out to Carlene's family and friends, of which I know there are many here.  She will be truly missed.  Rest in Peace, dear Carlene.



Cindy Bear
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thank you for letting us know. I was just thinking about Carlene. Her post always brought a smile to my face. She was as spunky as they come. I knew that she hadn't been posting much the last year or so, ( I think she mostly is on facebook which I don't belong to) and I did know that she had mentioned she had a recurrance a while back. She fought to long and hard, was so brave

RIP Dear Carlene.



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Carlene was a wealth of information when I first joined this board over three years ago. She was so supportive and helpful. I am so sorry to hear of her death. My condolences to her family who are suffering a greater loss than us.


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to hear of Carlene's passing.  Her posts were some of the first I read on this board.  She was extremely knowledgeable on the subject; I was amazed at all she knew.  Her candor and feistiness brought a different slant to the conversation.  Her page name "Hissy Fitz" tells the story. 

She was a year ahead of me in this journey and so strong that I thought if anyone can beat it, she can.  She participated in a trial in New York that was an arduous process since she had to travel from Texas.  I remember when she said she told her family she was sure it would come back.  That was hard for me to take because I looked to her for strength and hope.  She drifted away from this site except for an occasional post.  I did see her comments on Facebook but she didn't really talk about the progression of the disease.  Up to the middle of July she was posting recipes and said she had the best 4th of July ever.

My most heartfelt condolences to her family.  I believe she was a true matriarch that will be greatly missed.



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My heartfelt condolences to all who knew her and to all on this board who knew her too. I feel so sad to be reminded that we have a disease that kills. I convince myself that we can 'manage' it, but then realize that not all of us get that chance.

Tomorrow I go for my 3 month CA125 and CA15 along with an echocardiagram and oncologist visit for my breast cancer...it's the CA125 that fills me with fear. Fingers crossed for another 3 month renewal.

Ugh! I hate this cancer!


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I do remember her even as I'm more times on the uterine side.  She always had such a positive and strong way about her and simply loved her profile picture.


Deepest condolencenses to her family~~  Carlene will truly be missed.


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Glad to be done
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God speed carleen

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When I first joined this board, I remember seeing many posts from Carlene, along with Linda Procopio (another cancer warrior who passed in November 2011), with lots of good information and wonderful support and advice.  Carlene said a lot of good things but one of the things I will always remember from her is, "It's not always about cancer!"  That statement alone has given me a lot of comfort these last two and half years when my "suspicious" aches and pains turned out to be minor problems.

My heart goes out to her family and I send them my deepest condolences.  Rest in peace, Carlene.


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Totally shocked , I always thought in my own head if anyone will beat this Carlene will , I remember telling my late mother about her.

Carlene, was one of the first women I remember on this board, along with Linda, nancy , tina. And some that are still fighting now 

Well I hope all of tode beautiful women are up there together having a hoot! RIP Carlene x 

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Sad isn't the right word for me.....I loved Carlene.....she walked me through my mother's death....and Saundra, and Kathleen and so many others...I am shocked...as well.....this was fast.....I am furious with myself for thinking I could hold off until October to see her.....and not following up more....i feel guilty for surviving and beginning to experience some happiness finally......i have no good words ............for those of you who didn't know her, you missed out....for those of you who did....you know how lucky we were to have such a friend and advocate.....

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You, of all people, know that Carlene would NEVER want you to feel guilty!  She would want you to celebrate your happiness and in that way, celebrate her life.  NEVER feel guilty for living life!  





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Thank you so much, Leesa for letting us know. Carlene put up an amazing fight and was one of the strongest women I've ever had the good fortune to "know". She helped so many women on this board with her pursuit of information and  compassion and was a role model to so many. I've been concerned about her for some time and was hoping she was involved on other boards. She will be greatly missed.

                                                        (((HUGS to us all))))    Maria

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Cry  Rest in Peace Carlene.  

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I am so saddened by the news that Carlene is gone. I always read her posts because she was so smart, compassionate, and funny. My condolences to all her loved ones.

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You'll be missed. 

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Another gone to soon.  She contributed much to this group providing sound, witty and caring advice to so many.  She will be missed.  Sincerely Susan

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so sorry to hear this, she was an inspiration

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Thank you, Leesa, for letting us know about the loss of Carlene.  I never posted much over the last couple of years, but found great strength reading the uplifting, survivor-filled determination that Carlene and so many others posted.  She was and will continue to be an inspiration to us all.  What a fighter!  What a wonderfully generous and loving spirit we have to tuck away in our hearts forever. 

Thanks, Carlene.  Your family is in my prayers.

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I also remember Carlene from when I first joined this forum about 3 years ago.  I'm so shocked that she's gone.  I haven't been checking in here, or on FB that much, so I missed this announcement until today. Her obituary was in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, with a request for donations to The Foundation for Women's Cancer instead of flowers.


Star Telegram:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dfw/obituary.aspx?n=linda-carlene-blankenship-mullins&pid=166035253#fbLoggedOut

The Foundation for Women's Cancer: http://www.thegcf.org



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thank you for letting us know about Carlene, I have just looked on here after a few weeks absence and am truly shocked and saddened by Carlene's passing.  i too, like a lot of other ladies on this board remember her kind words when I first posted on here around 3 years ago she was always so positive and upbeat.  I also believe our spirit lives on so ......... here's to you Carlene thanks for all your kind words and fun posts you were/are a truely wonderful person.



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kimberly sue 63
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So sorry.... I have not been on for a while.  I think because the longer I am in remission, the less I want to know about others who are enduring what I finished and never want to go back to. But I think of all of you daily....then when I return to the site and find another has passed it is devastating. Hisssy...fiz is one I remember with positive thoughts. May she rest in peace and I hope her last days were surrounded with her lovin family. Kim

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I miss her greatly and can't believe that I read this news here today.  Just floored.  She was amazing.  I will miss her courage and wonderful sense of humor.


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I am in total shock!  when I first joined Carlene was very active on this site. I remember her as being very informative and calling it as  it is.   She was a strong soul and I know what ever happened to her she didn't go without a fight.  RIP Carlene and thank you for all your support. 

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kimberly sue 63
Posts: 421
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this cant be right she posted
Sept 17th

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but that post was from 2011.  I wish it was true.


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Hi Leesa,

I have not been on the board in about a year. I always thought Carlene would be the warrior to beat this disease.

I used to tell my Mom about her and the rest of you wonderful ladies so she wouldn't feel so alone.  I am saddened to lesrn of Carlene's death. She always seemed so positive and upbeat.  She was tge first one to reach back to me when I first posted.

I am so sorry for the huge loss of Carlene to this board and to her family.

Fly high Carlene

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I came here today just to look, to see who was still hanging out. It's been a long while and I was deeply saddened to see that Carlene was gone. It's been a year already. :( She was a very kind lady and always eager to help. 

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