Strange personal email - Beware

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I just wanted to alert the community to a very strange email I got on my personal email account.

It said it was from Doc Hawk.  He did have my personal email address.

It appears that however this message was created, it took his address book and sent to all on it.

In the body of the email is only a link.  I DID NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK.

If it wasn't for knowing that Doc has passed on, I might have opened it.

I can only believe that this is a spam or scam based on the link given.


Marie who loves kitties


  • Deena11
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    That is just deplorable that someone would prey on people here on this forum.  Using someone's ID and address book... someone like DocHawk.  I don't know how people can live with themselves doing this.

    Thanks for the "heads up".


  • steveandnat
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    Thanks for letting us know

    Who would even think of preying on the sick and weak.  Thanks again for the heads up. Jeff

  • PatchAdams
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    spam email

    I had that happen thru my online version of my email (Yahoo thru ATT) a few months ago. I only had written 3 people from that online account and one of them alerted me.  I had to change my password and remove those names as contacts.  No problems since then. 

    I used to get emails from Kimby and Lisa42 like that. It's quite a shock, isn't it, and heartbreaking, too.

    I do get those all the time,  from friends who send / receive email from the online version instead of having them delivered to their Microsoft, etc. email account.  I'd block his email address.  No amount of send notices to Yahoo will help.  At least it hasn't helped me.