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Practical advice welcomed

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Hi, Would like to know if there is any chance of getting a life ins. policy with no medical and no 'previous condition'clause... probably wishing on a star here.  Also, any thoughts on how to INEXPENSIVELY make a will?  have to start thinking about wrapping stuff up here.  Thanks for any help/advice.  J  (Tash) xxxxxxx

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Don't know about your insurance question, but as far as a will try http://www.totallegal.com/Wills.asp?m=legalplan&gclid=CInkhPOrv7gCFdBcMgodHS0A3A where you can download a form for free.  The site says you do not have to get it notorized, but I did when I made mine from this site.  It just made me more comfortabe and it isn't that expensive.



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thank you so much!

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I have been told that there are some available.  Give it a try.  I doubt if there are any large policies but I believe you can find some companies that offer it online.

Blessings to you.


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I just wanted to send you a big hug. XOXO

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Christmas Girl
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Am not liking the specifc reason you're thinking of these things; but, actually, we should all make such arrangements - no matter the circumstances.

Good advice already here. You should be able to acquire the type of life insurance you seek - though I also believe, it won't be for a generous sum. Online wills are easy & inexpensive.

Best wishes to you, hon.

Kind regards, Susan


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There are some term life insurance policies, however, what I found was there was a '2 year' clause... ie.  I had to be here and pay on it for 2 years, and if I remember, it was a minimal amount like 10k,  If I didn't make it the 2 years, the premiums I had paid would be prorated and some of the money would be paid back, but only a portion of what I had paid, not a prorate on the 10K amount.  I also called on one that was advertized on TV with no physical required, just 3 health questions.  When I said stage iv cancer, the conversation was pretty much over.  At the time I was told I would lose my term policy through work (which I was able to keep and pay the premiums for 3 adl years, which will be up in 2014 due to our union contract and the fact that I was eligible for long term benefits).  At the time the doctors were giving me 3 - 6 months, so I decided against the term policies.  Now it is almost 3 years since being diagnosed Stage IV:))

For around $200, an attorney drew up a Will,  my Power of Attorney, as well as a DNR, read over my company benefits, and helped me with continuing benefits as well as other financial matters.  He referred me to a reasonable Funeral Home, which is the same one that my Priest suggested, and I was able to make all arrangements in about 2 hours.  It may sound morbid to some, but it gave me such a sense of peace to know that I was not leaving these difficult decisions to my kids. 

All of this would have been easier if I wasn't sick! 

I wish you the best on all of this, and am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this.



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