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I saw a post on another board, haven't seen anything here and thought you would want to know.

I'm just going to paste the message as it is:


I am sure some of you remember Cheryl, she had gallbladder cancer, but came to this forum as her doctor's had run out of options for her with regular chemo, so she was receiving CR cancer chemo treatments.

Cheryl has been fighting hard, esp this last year. She had not been on here much lately as her pain has been unbearable these last months and she has faced it with much grace and dignity. She was finally admitted into palliative care on Wednesday evening with the hope of keeping her comfortable. The doctors are saying the dying process has begun. We are not sure how long she has, possibly days.

Cheryl is a huge birding fan....I hope that she is soon able to spread her wings and fly with her friends and have no more pain.

I am asking all of our CC family to send her prayers, strong thoughts...whatever you can that this next part of her journey is as pain free and as gentle as possible. Thank you.....

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Thank you for letting us know.

She has not posted on this board for a while.

May her days be pain free and spent in comfort.

May her transition from this world be an easy one.

Marie who loves kitties

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Peace and comfort to Cheryl in her last moments.


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Im so sad to hear this but pray she is comfortable and transition in peace.  Jeff

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My prayers are with her for just peace in her final journey home.  She will be missed.


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I loved seeing her avatar with her cute doggie and her words were often cheerful, she is such a sweet woman.  Thank you for letting us know, how very sad.

May her journey into a newer realm be peaceful and pain free.

Winter Marie

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It's amazing how much you learn about someone after they have passed. She continued to learn, and attained so many goals many of us can only dream about. She will be sorely missed!


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What an amazing gift her life was. 

She is at peace and free of any pain.

Tears.......she fought a long hard battle.

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Thank you for letting us know.  I'm sure she is spreading her wings right now.  My sympathy to the family.


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Will pray for her !

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Very sad... I will add her family to my prayers.

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