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results are in

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drumroll please....pet scan results are back....cancer has disappeared....one more chemo, then rituxan maintenance for 2 years....YESSSSSSS!!!! kicked it's a#@

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That is welcomed good news, Carrie! I am so happy for you!!!

Happy dance time and margaritas too ;),

Hugs - Jim

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Max Former Hodg...
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I knew you were a winner.   No non-winner would go into the ring for a prize-fight with pink gloves, unless they were a WINNER !


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Excellent news!  Congratulations!

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...........for a margarita!  I'll have one too.  We are so so happy.  What a relief, we all know  exactly how you feel.  Now you can get on with your life and enjoy that little boy.  There will be no stopping you now  WinkLaughingSurprised and most of all Cool.  Becky

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That is excellent news! The R maint will go by faster than you think...it did for me! I'm so happy for you! Love...Sue

(FNHL-grd2-stg3-typA-6/10-age 62)

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Yay Carie!!!! I literally got the chills reading that. So extremely happy for you!!! Great job kickin' butt!

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I am very happy, Carie, to hear about your remission. I bet that was music to your ears. I also have Rituxan maintenance for 2 years and I have 2 infusions behind me.

Great work!



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Well I'm glad to know that cancer realized it has met it's match!! You GO GIRL!!!!!  So so happy for you! 


Love ya,


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Awesome News Carie!!!

I also knew you were going to kick its butt hehehe ^_^

take care and sending you a Huge Hug!!!



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Posts: 232
Joined: Mar 2013

Thanks to all....Now it's time to get back to reality and workCry...I will be enrolling back in school this fall and back to work on August 4th, It has been a nice lil vacation. I just got home from camping for the last two weeks with my son, it was an adventure; he had his first shower at a campground and apparently that was the highlight for him.

I assume that it is a normal thought to wonder when this ugly disease is going to rear it's head again...I am not thinking about it much and genrelly enjoying the idea of the ending of chemo and weekly blooddraws.

I have struggled with how I can say thank you to my oncologist and the nurses who took such good care of me, one nurse in particular helped me through everything and has been struggling with the fact that 5 of her patients just passed away. If anyone has any ideas please share them. I was sort of thinking of baking cupcakes, etc that they can share with patients during their infusions. I get my chemo right at the oncologists office and there are 6 infusion chairs, so they are usually pretty busy hopping from patient to patient.

Is it too presumptious to go walk in the relay for life and walk the survivors lap on august 9th? I know I technically am not a survivor until a few years, but I feel like I survived it thus far and that was a miracle


I have each one of you in my thoughts daily



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Joined: Mar 2013

Carie, you have been a survivor each and every day since you were given your diagnosis! So by all means, walk in the Relay for Life Survivor's Lap--you have earned it.

On the day of my last chemo, I took a big tray of homemade baked goods--banana bread, blueberry muffins, cheese straws, and chocolate chip cookies. Everyone really seemed happy about that and I got lots of hugsSmile Before Christmas, I took in a couple of boxes of "Cuties" tangerines.  I know the gratitude you are talking about. Those oncology doctors and nurses are Angels in my eyes.




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So glad for you :)

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We're going today to the cancer center.  One of the nurses is leaving and our favorite one is coming back after getting married and living in CO for about 9 mos.  We love them all so much.  Whenever Bill went in for his infusion and still for Rit, I always bake something, enough for everyone, patients too.  When he is done with rituxan (probably should do it sooner) we are going to send a thank you personally and via a letter to the editor of our local paper.  During Bill's first infusion ( he was so sick) but he made my son and I get about 30 candy bar ice cream things from McDonalds.  You should have seen us trying to juggle those into the cancer center, it was so embarrassing, Bill would not be talked out of it.  It was our first prednisone experience! LaughingEmbarassed Becky

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