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I see you replying to other people's posts, but we haven't heard about how you are doing lately. 

We all hope that things are going as well as they can be.


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Thanks for reaching out.

Each week since my 7 nights all expenses paid trip to the hopsital to recover from the horrible side effects caused by FolFuri... I have been getting stronger and better each and every day.

I've been able to get back to work... and able to have some fun as well.

I have two more treatments remaining (this Wednesday and Wed. August 7th) then we'll be doing the old PET scan or CT scan to "see where we are".  At that point, I plan to take a Chemo Vacation... and take my wife to someplace awesome!

then, get back to fighting Cancer again in September.

hopefully this folfuri and avastin combo is working and we're pushig the cancer back... but unsure at this time. If side effects are any indication that this stuff might be working, it has to be... as this crap is kicking my arce!

all the best to you



P.S. after six months in a row of an increasing CEA... the level went from 2.5 in Dec. 2012 to 29.5 in June.  Well, for this July... it's 16.5. That's ONE piece of sunlight and good news that I'm holding onto.

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I am really happy that you are feeling better and your CEA dropped. I am praying that you have positive scan results. Definately take your wife somwhere awesome. You both deserve it.u

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As we know success and and even temporary improvement comes in tiny drops in the cancer arena. But we are and should be grateful for any amount.

I was really cocerned about you a couple weeks back, but I knew that you will pull through. I know it's not perfect all the time, but your good attitude will always help you out and I wish you and your loved ones enough strength to maintain that attitude no matter what.

Take care till next time,



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Glad to hear some things are improving.  Hope you can soon take a true week-long vacation. Best of luck to you!!

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Yeah on that dropping CEA!  So sorry you had to have that mini vacation in the hospital.



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