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So I have been visiting the lung cancer board for a while now. We learned 25 months ago my husband has non small cell lung cancer and my brother's wife had small cell lung cancer. We just lost her. I have also visited the Leukemia board as my husband's sister had that and we lost her. Now I learn that my Mom has bladder cancer. She just found out on Wednesday and the did surgery yesterday to remove it. The Urologist diagnosed and did the surgery and stated he wasn't sure he got it all because he didn't want to put a hole in the bladder wall. Having dealt with lung cancer I have been use to no doctor doing anything until consulting an Oncologist and was surprised this doctor hasn't called one in. In fact, they told her it was cancer without a biopsy. Is this normal? She hasn't been given any information about the type of cancer, stage, treatment options, etc because the dr was leaving for vacation - he said he would call her next week to discuss it.

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First, I'm sorry that you have to endure these types of losses.  It always seems so surreal and sometimes you don't know the strength you have until its all over.

My mom has bladder cancer; she was originally diagnosed January  2012. The urologist removed the tumor and biopsied then.  The cancer hadn't traveled and he got all of it and she proceeded to have 3 months scans thereafter.  She opted not to have chemo.

January 2013 after her regualr scans the urologist noticed a "shado" on the lymph nodes/abdomina wall.  He compaared the scan from previous ones and proceeded to do a biospy.  The results were back as cancer in lymph nodes/abominal wall cavity.

Usually, the urologist 's expertise can tell wheter there is cancer present before a biopsy is done.  Depending on the location; sometimes a biopsy is dangerous.  Additionally, my mom's urologist works in a practice group, any one of his colleagues could step in for him if he were unavailable.

My mom had breast cancer previously and all she needed was radiation, thus had an oncologist that she was already familiar and comfortable with.

One of the questions you should have asked your urologist was recommendations for an oncologist.  I'm sure he refers his patients to them all the time and am surprised that he hasnt.  Usually, he and the oncologist will work together with the oncologist determining the best course of action in terms of treatment.

First question besides asking for an oncologist recommendation is staging. What stage is your mom?  this is determmined by the biopsy and or other imaging results.  They look at size of turmor and whether it has metastisized (spread).

Keep us posted on your progress.

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