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Diognosed with PC

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 I am 59 very healty, active -still play soccer.  I got diognosed with PC about a month ago.  Pathology results showed  1 positive core (1mm x  4 mm long) -lateral80% cancer. 9 cores were negative.  The cancer was at right lateral base. GS 3+3, Tumor grade T1C.  I have been getting and continue to get opinions.  A friend urologist told  me not to rush.  However,  my PSA's elevation rate makes me fearful. My PSA  was .30 in  2010, .40  in 2011, 0.70 in 2012 and 1.15 last month, Although low it is almost quadrabled in 4 years.  I am thinking robotic surgery.  Anyone can suggest proven suggested robotic surgeon who can spare my nurves,  whom I may follow up for potential cancer spread treatment.  Goal is full Cancer Cure , No ED and Full Continence.  Greatly apprecaite if you share your experience.

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Your shared details are indicative of a slow growing cancer. The PSADT is over 24 months considered by many doctors of low risk, and the Gleason and volume (in terms of positive cores) are the characteristics of patients recommended to follow Active Surveillance (AS).

This is a sort of vigilance “therapy” with a proper regimen of testing permitting the patient to delay the treatment, doing it latter if that becomes in fact necessary. Many guys die of other causes and in many PCa becomes a sort of chronic illness, never bodering. On the other hand, all treatments are good for a case with the status you're sharing here.  

We all freak out at beginning when diagnosed with the bandit, and start looking for ways to get rid of it without must consideration to the loss of quality of life.

Your goal is the upmost aspiring goal of all of us. We all want that but I never read or heard of a case where this goal was achieved word by word. I would say that we learn along the years of PCa survivorship to accept “things” that used to be natural but are not there anymore. However we are cured or under control and continue life as beauty as a rose.

Nerve sparing is a technique that does not “work” that well as many try to convince us. It may help in recuperating erections that could be lost for good in a radical prostatectomy approach. In fact, you will be more at risk of ED in a robotic operation than if you chose an RP open technique.

You may need to research more, request for second opinions on your status at centres of excellence (like JH, MSKCC, MDA, etc) and consider lowering the “level” of QoL at your young age of 59, if you decide to advance with a treatment.


I wish you the best in your journey.

Welcome to the board.

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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Glad to hear you're still playing soccer...great for you...keep that up for as long as you can. You might want to get a second opinion re the pathology of your biopsy sample. My urologist sent mine out for a second reading as a matter of routine. Ususally they come back with the same or only slightly different reading, but it doesn't hurt to get an other set of eyes on the sample. assuming yours stays at g 6 you have a while to think about treatment and whether you just want to wait and watch for awhile. If you get to the point you decide treatment is necessary, do all the research you can and talk to as many smart people you can about options. Should you decide to have surgery at some point, the most important factor in getting a good outcome is the skill of the surgeon. so you want to pick a really good one, someone who's done hundreds/thousands of them. Since you are relatively young and healthy, the chances of your full recovery, i.e. no ed, no incontinence, is good, though any reputable surgeon will tell you there are no guarantees. You're playing the odds here. You up your chances by 1) being relatively young, 2) being in good shape, 3) acting before the cancer has spread outside the prostate, and 4) getting the best most skilled surgeon you can find. You should definitely consider other treatment options too, i.e radiation, hormone treatments, etc. For right now, I wouldn't rush into anything. do your home work, keep getting your psa tested every 6 months (or less), and in consultation with your urologist, make your decision when the time comes. 

all the best..


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