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Just got pathology results-used Sloan Kettering prognosis calculator-need help

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PT3, PN1a.  Low grade well differentiated to moderately differentiated. Perineural invasion. 1 of 8 lymph nodes. 2.6 cm. Lymph vascular invastion indeterminate. So the surgeon said this is IIIA.  I see the oncologist in a few weeks.  After doing some reading this looks to me like it is IIIB?


Anyway I plugged all the info into Sloan Kettering Prognosis calculator.  Had to run it two ways with well differntiated and moderately. I am 70 years old.  The calculator when I selected taking chemo after surgery had less of a survival rate than when I selected not taking chemo.  This is confusing.  Does the calculator figure the chemo will kill me off?

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Talk to a doctor in person at SK and don't use an online calculator to determine your life expectancy. Also, I've found that over-researching things can drive a person nuts since most of us do not have medical backgrounds. It's like trying to read architectural blueprints if you're a cobbler (the shoemaker, not the dessert!)

Best of luck to you. BTW: I've been going to SK for 9 1/2 years with very good results*

*results may vary

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Thanks all.  I went to SK twenty eight years ago for breast cancer so I know it is good.  It is a killer commute though and expensive.

I am right about the stage though arn't I. T3 with one node is stage IIIB?  I have an appointment with my oncologist on Wednesday so I guess I'll get all the news.

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Phil is right. He beat me to it. Talk to your oncologist. I would sugges you right down your questions before the visit. It has really helped me.

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Please do not use any on line "predictors".  There are so so many factors that figure into your cancer. 

You gather all the facts with your Onc to get the best plan of action.

I made a notebook that I brought to each visit/test.  I kept track of all my blood results on an excel file so I could track "me".

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