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Had chemo and radiation today

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Radiation at 7:00. ...then visit to MD. She told me my markers were up.,but wants not  going to get chemo because it wasn't good for my bone marrow

She checked with my Radiologist and he said it was ok to get the chemo since I am getting very low dosage of rads. I was glad cause markers went from 19 to 38 ..this tell me I still need chemo..next one in September. I will do what I gotta do to get to remission ..stay strong..Val


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I'm praying with all my heart that the next chemo brings your marker back down.  In the meantime, we're cheering you on from the sidelines and I'm looking forward to the party we're going to have when you get to remission!




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It is all so confusing!  So hard to know what is the best route!  I'm praying for strength for you to keep doing what you've got to do!

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You are amazing. You have been thru so much and are so close to remission there is no quitting now! I am glad they are watching the markers closely and are not going to let it get out of hand.Praying for God's strength and remission soon!


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 I am so nervous to lose our chemo suite and our wonderful nurses, but mostly the sharing of the amazing women who even going thru a terriblle experience always were brave and kind to one another.Hopefully yet he next time your numbers will go down from the double whammy of radiation and chemo , you are kicking cancers butt !


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Pamela B
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You got to do what you got to do to get over this. And I know you will. You are such a fighter and I know in my heart you will win.  Sending good thoughts and prayers your way,  Keep us posted.

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