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Just want to say thanks, Skiffin!!

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Joined: May 2013

Thank you John.  I don't know what you said or how you did it, but moving around this site has not been this easy since I have been coming around.  I was about to stop checking in because it was so bad.  Let's hope it stays this way.  You are the bomb, and your efforts are truly appreciated!   I don't think anyone says "you are the bomb" anymore, but I don't know what "they" are saying these days.  My age is showing! 


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i agree w/shawn.  thanks john!!   Cool  plus we can use smiley faces again, yippie!!


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the bird is the word.

Posts: 839
Joined: May 2013

Thank you so much for all you do on this site!!  I'm so thankful I found y'all and appreciate all of the encouragement I've gotten on here.  CSN rocks!!

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Shawn knows what SHE is talking about.  HER intuition is accurate.

You do alright by me.  I guess you are Captain of the USS H&N.  A finer likeminded (side effects) group of characters I’ve ever met. 

Is it true you name all your fish?

Oregon bud,


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The last two days have been great!  No disruptions, no weird messages, no black outs for hours at a time.  I am a happy woman, now Laughing

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But Greta is the bomb..., she's the Queen of CSN... I just keep her informed, kinda her man on the street so to say, LOL...

She is the driving force that gets things done..., I just communicate to her for you...

I too hope things have finally turned around and we can get back to helping and communicating...


Plus it's getting time for me to start posting summer fishing photos, LOL...


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One big happy family. Or maybe this is a cult. Who knows, all I know is when I am in here I feel I am with family. Thanks John for being you and for being at the forfront of the family. Can we call you Dad? Can I borrow the car? Can I have my allowance earlier next week?

Thanks again John


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Joined: Aug 2012

Yep! What Matt and the rest said. John knows he ROCKS! He's a good brotha... Laughing

Thanks John!


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