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Isotope of radium

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Read a very brief article in the local paper today about a new radiation therapy that can help men with the most advanced forms of prostate cancer, a recent study has shown. The treatment is an isotope of radium that zeros in on the cancer cells that have spread to the bones. Apparently the radium mimics calcium and binds with minerals in the patients bone where it delivers radiation that destroys cancer cells without the attendent damage to surrounding tissues of older remedies.

I thought it was worth putting this out there for discussion and people's awareness. The study was in the New England Journal of Medicine and was done on men with late stage prostate CA who were expected to live less than a year. The medium survival time improved 30%. Also gave fewer side effects. Brand name Xofigo.

This is all I know about the subject, maybe some of you have more knowledge. Hope this helps those in need.

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Thanks for the news.

I would like to add that this drug Xofigo (radium Ra 223) is the brand name given to Alpharadin after been FDA approved, so guys searching for detailed info should look for both names.
It all indicates that Xofigo is superb in treating and curing metastases in bone. Unfortunately FDA has approved it to be administered to advanced refractory patients, but many oncologists use it off-label before refractory in combination with some hormonal drugs, with fabulous results.



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I read in another article that the cost is off the ceiling. It sounded like it was administered in six shots for $69,000.00..Drew quite a gasp from me. But it does sound effective. Being a proactive sort, I just wanted to put it out there for anyone that could possibly incorporate the info.

Hope all is going well for you Vasco.


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