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whether to have reconstruction or live with the prosthesis

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy in Jan. 2013.  I just finished chemo (yea!!) and will be starting radiation in a couple of weeks.

I need some input about my future decisions.  I can't decide if I should have reconstruction or live with the prosthesis.  I am 62 yrs old.   Don't know about the extensive surgery involved.  If I decide not to then I would have to go in and have the excess skin left for possible reconstruction removed (minor procedure)

Any thoughts?




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glade the chemo is finished good luck with the rads. there are difference kinds of reconstruction, you have time to make a decision wish i could be more help . hang in there will be praying for you

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I went through reconstruction with an implant after my first mastectomy (left side only).  After a recurrence 2 years later, and chemo, more surgery including removal of the implant, and radiation, I figured I had enough with surgeries and decided not to reconstruct again.  I have a prosthesis and I am fine with it.  I am 61 years old; if I were younger I may have thought differently.

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i had mastectomy in 1884 and then 2009 for two primaries. I found it harder to be unilateral than bilateral. i had one remaining large breast which was hard to match. now i am contemplating just going without. i have seen flat ladies and you would never know! I am 53. I tried reconsturction but needed rads so decided against it

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I had a friend and she was also my "reach for recovery" lady.  She had reconstruction 27 years after her mastectomy so you don't need to make an instant decision.

When my "year from hell" was over after so many surgeries (3 non related to bc which ended in a staph infection, then bc diagnose) chemo and etc.  I was not in the mood for more surgery.  I just wanted to put it all behind me.

After 19 years and wearing a prosthesis, I have no regrets with my decision.

Good luck to you,


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I am 63 and I have the tissue expanders in right now.  I was told that I have already gone through the worst part, but of course as with any surgery there are risks.  It is a plastic surgeon that will be doing my reconstruction surgery.  I didn't trust anyone other then Him and I know his work because he had already done other surgeries on me and my daughter.  BUT you have to follow your heart and do what's comfortable for you... Good luck.... Kathy

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I had the BMX and reconstuction at the same time. I have no regrets. I would have felt worse had I not had the reconstruction done.

I was diagnosed at 52 years old.

64 is not old by any means....only you know how you will feel.

Remember this whole trip is about you so make sure you are happy no matter what!



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I had my bilateral mastectomy on 1.11.11. I was 43. I didn't have reconstruction and I am very happy with my decision. I didn't want to go through all the extra surgeries. And I love not having to wear a bra. No one notices that I don't have breasts. Did I mention that I love not wearing a bra??? Hee Hee.

I saw pictures of reconstruction at the plastic surgeon and it wasn't for me.

Brian, my significant other, said he would rather have me around for awhile than have breasts. He still loves me without them.

I just figured I could live without them.

Due to severe pan issues from severe scar tissue adhesions and nerve damage during the surgery, it is too painful for me to wear prosthetics, so I can't wear them.

The answer will come to you. Mine was an easy choice. Others take more time.

I wish you all the best in whatever you choose.

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