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Hello CSN and Kindred Spirits....

       I am Chen's daughter/neice Siobhan and I am writing to keep all of the people she loves informed on her current condition. She has been fighting the Beast with chemo for 2 solid years now and though we've seen some improvements here and there, alas we are out of options. Her cancer spread to her liver and despite all our best efforts with treatments and alternative therapy the cancer has taken 2/3 of her liver. She is no longer filtering the chemo and has officially stopped treatment. She is on hospice care now and we are doing our absolute best to keep her as comfortable and pain free as we can. We are unsure of how much time we have left with our Chenheart but any words of love and hope and addoration will be passed to her via myself.

       I know that I dont know most of you, and in the best way intended, I hope I never have to, but what I do know is how much you all mean to Chen. She has gained so much strength, wisdom, love and friendship from the people she has connected with here on CSN and I know it has imeasurably helped her to fight this long and this hard. You all have touched her life and her heart in so many ways that all I can do is give my appriciation to all of you for being such an amazing bunch of friends and Kindred Spirits. That being said, I will do my best to respond to your questions and concerns regarding her condition as well as continue to keep you all informed when she makes her final journey into the next phase of her amazing life.

       As her only daughter, I am doing my best to stay strong and to those of you who know how this feels, please hug yourself from me..It's not easy, it's very frightening and very hard, but if Chen can gain and gather so much love from all of you, I know that I can too.

       With all the love you have given her over the years, just remember that she is giving it all right back to you from her larger than life, still beating heart...


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Reggie has also asked me to thank all of you for being so strong and giving her so much love and support... he wants to be included in the Kindreds as well and any love, advice or encouraging words for him I will also relay... thank you all again...

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Reggie, we are praying for you!!

There are no words I can say right now except thank you for sharing Chen with us, thank you for the joy you've brought to her life.  We're praying for you! 

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Reggie & Siobhan, My prayers and thoughts are with you.  Claudia  is an amazing Lady who opened her heart to everyone. Reggie when I met you both in Santa Barbara I thought, How Wonderful you both were to me that day. I will always cherish my picture with Claudia, as I felt so special to be in the presence of such a loved Lady, who made me feel like I've known her all my life.



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Claudia in person, I felt as if I had known her for so long.  When I first joined the CSN board in 2010, she was one of the first to help, advise and comfort.  She had many words of wisdom and her strength and compassion was in her written word.  She will be missed terribly. My only wish is that she passes to the next phase as peacefully as possible.  You are in my thoughts and prayers as you hold Chen's hand.  {{hugs}}


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I've done a lot of thinking about Claudia and what she has meant to me ... and this evening I thought of this ... and wanted to share it.


When I first come to this board I was recently diagnosed and losing my mother to bc at the same time.  I lost her the week of Thanksgiving.  I was a little scared to do the ornament exchange (who are these strangers?) Wink but I felt a need to do it that year.  I received an ornament and sent an ornament ... and who else sent me one?  Claudia ... she sent me an ornament ... in an ornate little package ... beautiful ... and it meant so much to me.  It was the first year that I wasn't going to receive a Christmas present from my momma and her sending me one ... I'll never forget what that meant to me.  So sweet.  So thoughtful.  Thank you dear Claudia for reaching out to people you never met in order to make them feel so loved and so special ...that's what love is ... thank you for loving your sisters (and brothers) on this board for so many years.  xoxo

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I just to checked in on this site to see if there were updates re Chen and here was this post.


Thank you for keeping us updated.  Your mother was the first one who helped me and responded to me on this site.  She is and was such a blessing to me and to so many others.


Tell her we love her.  Tell her we are praying for her and for you and for Reggie and all in her family.  She has touched so many.  


We love you too, Siobhan.  We are praying for you.  As a daughter who was there for my mother during her last days ... I know.  Love to you and peace and comfort as you hold your momma's hand during this precious days.  Praying for you all.  Sending hugs your way.  xoxoxo

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Siobhan and Reggie,

My heart goes out to you and to Chen and all of her family.  I feel that I know you from all the wonderful things that Chen shared about you. I think that she is the most remarkable woman I have ever known.  She touched lives her, bringing her wisdom, her humor, her ability to have us see both sides of any issue.  She is a gallant fighter and inspired so many.  Even now I think she probably inspires with her dignity, her courage and her strength.  She is so loved here and even more by you both.  Losing someone you love so much and that has been such a touchstone for you is hard, Siobhan but you sound like you have learned so much from her and she will live on in you and your children. Dear Reggie, I could see the love that Claudia has for you in all her posts.  You will carry that love in your heart.  It is not the same but knowing that you were loved by and that you loved such a woman will hopefully give you some measure of comfort.  I remember her talking about thanksgiving and the Buffy episode where they spoke your native language and the pilgrims got the short end of the stick (arrow) and your thanksgivings together.  Every thanksgiving I think on this and smile.  I too was a Buffy fan and many of her favs were mine.  She gave so much to us all.  I am so saddened that her journey is ending but I know she will go wrapped in the arms and love of all of you.  

May you all find peace in her passing and may she go gently with all of you by her side.

She is truly a 50 foot woman.


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Thank you for posting, we all love Chen, she has touched to many of our lifes in such an amazing way, when I first met her in 2008 she had 'Talked me down off the ledge' many times, I owe her so much.   I know she can feel the love and positive energy we are all sending to her.  Love to you all.  Tasha xxxxxxxx

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When I was first diagnosed 4 years ago, Chen was such an inspiration to me.  Her words of wisdom meant so much to all of us.  She started the holiday ornament exchange which still happens every year.  I think of her often and will continue to pray for her, you and your family.

She is very loved and has impacted all of us.  


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Thank you for everything you gave to us. Thank you for always being there despite of your situation. Thank you for existing in our world as most people are selfish and you are a giver. Thank you for your love and support.

I am sending you prayers and a lot of love. I am thinking of all the time. I want you to have peace and know that you are very loved. I also want you to know that no matter what happens, you will not be alone. Keep your chin up high and BELIEVE everything will be OK. EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. EVERYTHING.

Sending you all the love I have in my heart.


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Although i haven't talked to her in a very long time i will always remember the love and support she showed me when i found my way to csn many years ago. Rest easy chen and know how much you are loved and treasured

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My thoughts and prayers continue for Chen and all of her loved ones. I believe there will be a very special, welcoming place for her when her journey here is through. Her kind words to me last year were so comforting and helpful.. and I am one of so many she has helped along the way. My honor and privilege to have been a part of this group with Chen. 


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Please give your mom a BIG hug from me.....she is in my thoughts and prayers...

And all of the rest of you, her dear family, I wish for you joy in the moments that you still share with her....


BIG hugs, Kathi

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Chen is a shining light and a special person.  She has positively influenced the lives of many here on CSN.  I know she is in good hand with you both and that she is comforted by this.  I hope she feels nothing but the love you all those around her are sending her.

My best to you both and the rest of your family during this emotionally wrenching time.


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Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you as our beloved Claudia transitions to her new and final home, and may the days to come bring you all some much deserved peace.


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Jean 0609
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Dear Siobhan,

You know how much we all love our dear chenheart, and we know how much she loves and adores you.  Thank you for being there with her and passing along all of the love and hugs that we are sending.  I am so glad that you are there for her.  You and Reggie are her world.  She has told us that many times.

I cannot tell you how much she has helped me and others along this journey. 

Love and hugs to all of you,




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Dearest Claudia,

Thank you for taking so much of your precious time to befreind me on this very site, When I was scared & sad, confused. Thank you for stepping up & welcoming me. For etending hospitality & embracing me as a true Kindred. I have high hopes of meeting you one day, I know you will be gracious & welcome me home as if We'd met before. I look forward to getting to know you in person. You are an interesting woman & I do believe We could talk for hours on end. Praying for God's blessings upon you & Reggie,  Siobhan, your adorable grand babies & your whole precious family. What a loving beautiful family you are. I have heard so many on CSN & Breast freinds group refer to your name on so many counts. You have touched so many lives & you have indeed made a difference in So many lives! May God Bless & keep you my friend......

Love, hugs & tremendous gratitude for all that you are!,

Renee Mack Hall, AKA Renee616

Ecclesiastes 3:1:8

The Mystery of time:

There is an occasion for everything,

And a time for every activity under Heaven,

A time to give birth and a time to die,

A time to plant & a time to uproot

A time to kill and a time to heal.

a time to tear down and a time to build.

A time to weep and a time to laugh.

A time to mourn and a time to dance.

A time to throw stones and a time to gather stones.

A time to embrace and a time to avoid embracing.

A time to search and a time to count it lost.

A time to keep and a time to throw away.

A time to tear and a time to sew.

A time to be silent and a time to speak.

A time to love and a time to hate.

A time of war and a time of peace.

God has made everything appropriated in its time.

Whatever is, has already been, and whatever will be, already is.

Lorrie posted one of your quotes today in a post: "We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do......


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Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you during this most difficult time. As she was to so many, she was absolutely the bright star on many of my cloudy days. I will miss our political banter which caused many a chuckle between us. She is one of a kind. Her wisdom, love for life, and kind words will always resonate with me. Heaven will be receiving another bright star. I pray that cancer is iradicated from this earth. We have lost way too many kindreds to this dreadful disease. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} 

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Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you during this most difficult time. As she was to so many, she was absolutely the bright star on many of my cloudy days. I will miss our political banter which caused many a chuckle between us. She is one of a kind. Her wisdom, love for life, and kind words will always resonate with me. Heaven will be receiving another bright star. I pray that cancer is iradicated from this earth. We have lost way too many kindreds to this dreadful disease. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} 

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Siobhan and Reggie,
Please know I will keep you all in my prayers. Chen is such an amazing woman we can't help but love her! I know she will travel this part of her journey with all the grace and courage she has shown in the past. Just know she is not traveling alone.

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Bella Luna
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Dear Claudia, Reggie, and Siobhan,

Our hearts and prayers are with you at this time. 

We know Chen has fought very hard over the course of time.  She is a tremendous ray of light and gave so much of herself to others.  It is hard to find the words.  I can go on and on about Chen's many good works and deeds as can many others. 

May God grant you peace of mind and heart during this time.


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Sending you all the love that she has shown me over the 4 years that I have known her. Support and encouragement through this board, through Facebook and private messages. I am fortunate to have met her in person and hold dear the sweet memories. What a beautiful soul.



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Tell her that I am sending my spirit guide (Grey Wolf) to watch over her during this part of her journey. Her wisdom helped me in so many ways during the time I was going through treatment. She is truly an amazing woman and I can honestly say that I have always admired her spirit and grace. She was the very first person that I sent hats to in 2010 when I first started making them.

Sending my prayers to a dear friend and Kindred Spirit.



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Claudia (Chenheart) was one of the loveliest person to grace CSN Discussion Board.  Always a kind word to everyone.


To her husband, Reggie, her daughter Siobhan and her family, my deepest sympathies as you all go through the last phase of this journey with Claudia.  I know that you have supported her through all the steps of this journey and none of it is easy watching a love one struggle.  I wish that I had words of wisdom to offer you.  Thank you for sharing with us.


May you find the courage and peace you need at this time.


Sirod aka Doris


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My heart is aching and I can't imagine what the two of you have been going through these past few years. I want to tell you about Claudia, Claudia was my light, my inspiration and my mentor. When I was diagnosed in Oct. 2010, she reached out to me. Her beauty and grace kept me calm and on track, how can a woman with breast cancer have that much love and gratitude? I was soon to find out... Today my journey is idle and life has for the most part returned back to normal. Because of your mother/wife who will be forever carried in my heart, I am following in her shoes. They are not easy shoes to fill, but try I must. My heart and hands now reach out to any new sister willing to take a hold. Just today two people compared me to you dear Claudia. That is the biggest compliment I could ever get in life.


I love you dear sister, rest easy now.. and we will meet very soon ♥

Lorrie Rumpf

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Siobhan, we all appreciate the time you have taken away from your Mother's side at this time.  Chen was the first person to reespond to my desperate cry for help in understanding what to expect with treatment, as well as any (AND i MEAN MANY), questions I had as I traveled down the road to being a survivor (at least for now).    I honestly felt that whatever Chen said was gospel, even more so than my oncologist.  Chen befriended so many survivors, as well as spouses/partners who were caregivers to the pink sisters.  That was in January 2008.  This morning I was awake way before my normal time, opened up Facebook and CSN, and found nothing new.  She is in my thoughts as well as you and Reggie as you go through this trying time.  There will never be another Chen, and there are many who feel this same way. 

We will wait for additional updates.  Please tell Chen that my thoughts and prayers are with her every second.  I hate this disease!  My love to you and your family



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Siobhan, thank you so much for the update. Know that you and Reggie are in my thoughts and prayers for strength and healing. I had met Reggie and Claudia in 2011 in Sacramento at a Kindred lunch. Reggie if I could I would give you such a big hug. Thank you for being such the generous and amazing person you are and looking after our Chen so diligently. My heart goes out to both you and Siobhan. Please tell Claudia I have a smidgen of white sage, given to me many years ago and will burn it nightly on her behalf to wrap her in peace and express my gratitude in having her touch my life. Let her know we will be strong and move forward to appreciate all that we are given and will remember her always with a smile and a warm heart.
I somehow think that on some dimension Claudia and Linda are helping each other during this time that requires much courage.
I love you sweet sister...
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Chen has meant more to me than I can even begin to express.  Her grace and strength and sense of humor have made my journey so much easier. 

I just want you both to know how much she's meant to so many of us, and how much she will be missed. 

My sadness is not for her, she will be moving on to the next part of her journey and will no longer have to continue this fight she's fought so valiantly and for so long.  My sadness is for you both and the rest of your family and all of her friends because while we've been made better by her, we will miss her terribly.



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Christmas Girl
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... for posting on behalf of your & our beloved Chenheart. You don't know all of us here; but, we all feel as if we know you. Because Chen shared you with us - she loves you dearly, is so proud of the person you are, and delights in your skills & talents, both culinary & artistic. Your eloquent words show that you are wise & strong beyond your young years. You are, indeed, her daughter, Siobhan. In every sense. You, more than anyone else, will carry Chen's heart & spirit into the future.

You've been her steadfast supporter - enthusiastically participating alongside countless walks, awareness & fund-raising events. You are - like Chen - amazing, too.

Our circle here of love, support & encouragement widens now - extending to include you, Reggie, and all of Chen's family. My most heartfelt hope is for continued strength, comfort & peace during the coming days. For all of you. Hope that you'll find moments to smile & laugh while sharing cherished & happy memories.

To Claudia... my precious friend, my peapod...

Love you, lots & always... forever & ever & ever... <3 xoxoxo

I am beyond grateful for our special friendship - for how you've graced my life, my heart & my soul. As much as we are unique, we discovered - over time - that we share much more than we differ. Our friendship, formed over the past five years, feels almost like a lifetime. I will carry you within my heart until my own last breath. Our paths had been nearly identical, parallel, until a few years ago. First, you took a left turn. Then, a little later on, I turned right. Wish you'd been able to stay with me. I know with every cell of my being - there will be a time when we once again walk side-by-side.

Am still wearing - for you - the silver necklace, as I have for so long now... touching the little heart-shaped pendant more often these past several days than ever before. For me - it is my heart & yours, combined.

Love you, peapod... lots & always <3 xoxoxo

Your peapod, 12/25



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Thank you, Siobhan, for updating us on her condition.  You are all in my heart and prayers.

God bless you


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we are with her. love hugs and prayers  . Chen gives from the heart.   My friend then, now, and for ever. I met her in 07


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Siobhan, I know you can tell from the responses here how loved and special your mom is to all of us.  You and your family are in our prayers.  Your mother is an amazing individual and, I suspect from your thoughtful and generous post, that you are too.  She was the welcoming spirit on the board for so long and full of wise words and often funny too.  She uplifted us all.  

We are with her now in spirit, sending all of the love we can to make the end of her journey as comfortable as can be.  

Thank you so much!  Sending gentle (((hugs))) and prayers.

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Chen is beyond special, she was always about "before you make up your mind you might want to think about this" , we also sparred politially. But i learned to more gentle and faith filled in my fellow man. I know you both mean so much to her, as she has repeatedly said, and she wants no more than to be with you always. You m ake her so very happy. I know we go somewhere not sure where exacty, but we do. She will be waiting, and gaining new insight and wisdom in her new spirit.  That she will share when she sees us again.

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Chen is a one of a kind!  From my first days on CSN in 2011 she touched me in such a special way.  Words can't even begin to describe her.  Her wisdom, spirt, grace, thoughtfulness, strength, sense of humor reached out to me just like it did to everyone else.  I am honored to call her my friend.  My heart breaks for you and Reggie.  I feel like I know both of you from her sharing both of you with us.  I'm really at a loss for words.  Thank you so much for taking time to update us.  Siobhan, you remind me so much of her.  Please tell her I love her and she's always in my heart.  Hugs and love to all of you.  




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Dear Siobhan, Reggie and Chen:   I feel like I know all of you.  My heart is heavy at your news.  Siobhan, Chen has always spoken of you with so much love!  From your writing I can tell how much of Chen is you as well.  And Reggie:  You are such a good man.  I remember when you and Chen got married and I was so happy for the two of you.  Your spiritual journey is bonded by your love for each other.  My wish is for peace for all of you, from this beating heart. xoxoxoxoxo

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Chen was my sanity when I was diagnosed in 2009. Her "Warthog" story made me laugh and inspired me. I will pray for all of you and hope she has a peaceful passing.  Gail

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To Claudia's family,

Thank you for sharing with us what is happening with Claudia.  I have not been on the board in quite some time but came on today by accident.  My eyes are flowing with tears that another of my sisters is in hospice.  Please let her know how much she touched all of our lives and that we are praying for her and you as well.  I'm glad I was able to send this message.  Your mom is a wonderful woman who has reached out to so many over the years.  I will always think of her with fondness.

Love, Terry


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Siobhan and Reggie - thank you for updating us and relaying our messages to our beloved Chenheart. When I first came on here at 34 years old, with bright pink hair and a severe case of potty mouth, and my "tell it like it is/ no nonsense" personality, Chen took to me right away, and I believe she was the first person from CSN who I added on Facebook, because I wanted to get to know her faster :) she guided me, stood up for me, inspired me, and loved me.

About a year ago, year and a half, my daughter was having problems with a bully at school. I posted about it on here because it had gotten so bad. The bully had looked me up online and found pictures of me bald from chemo, and was making fun of her and showing the pictures all around. The next week, my daughter received a beautiful gift and note in the mail from Chen, and that meant, and still means, te world to her and she keeps it in a beautiful little "treasure box" in her bedroom.

When I read the post about our Chen's declining health, I had posted on Facebook that she is my hero. Within minutes, my daughter Camryn, who was staying at a friends house, called me and asked me "mom, is Claudia ok?". The girl is 12, at a friends house , and had to stop what she was doing to find out what was wrong. We love Chen <3. Siobhan I already told you this on Facebook, but I truly, honestly am a better person for having known her. I am blessed to call her my friend, 

xoxo- I love you Chen- heather belleheather belle

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Mikes Sunshine
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Thank you so much for the update on Chenheart. My prayers are with you and Reggie. Please let Claudia know she is so loved by all that she has helped. I know she was such a positive, strong woman and she encouraged me many times during my battle with the beast. She will never be forgotten xoxoxo     Mikes Sunshine

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Siobhan/Reggie...As you can see from the responses here, Claudia was very special to us as I know she is the world to you.  She took everyone under her wing and guided us through our "new" life as we now know it.  I wish you strength , patience and lots of love as you guide Claudia in her final stage of her battle.  May her transition to her new life be peaceful and pain free.  Love to all...Lili

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I never met a 50 ft woman. But Claudia certainly filled those shoes and more. Her posts and messages, so eloquently written, gave life to all who read them. Her words literally danced on the page. I told her several times, what an exceptional writer she is. We all enjoyed breathing in her advice. She spoke of you and Reggie with so much love and so frequently, we felt we knew you. I guess in some way, we do. Pease gently hug  her from us and tell her that her legacy and her posts will live on to inspire many more kindred spiriits. Lifting prayers for her and for you all.

With love, respect and gratitude,

Sylvia (Sea60)

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My heart is so heavy with your update on Claudia.  She has been a beacon of light to so many of us here on CSN.  When I came to the site about 3 years ago after my own recurrence, Chen was always there to offer encouragement and words of wisdom.  And Reggie, when the two of you got married, I was so excited for both of you.  She was always so proud of all of your accomplishments, and I enjoyed learning about your ceremonies and customs.  Siobhan, she spoke of you often and what a special joy you were to her.  It is so comforting to know that the two of you are there to help guide her through the final path in her journey.  Fly on eagles' wings, dear Chen.

Hugs and much love,


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It is obvious by all the posts contained here, that our sweet Chenheart is dearly loved, cared for, and prayed for! Siobhan and Reggie her beloveds,  her anchors in the stormy seas of battle~ we lift you up as you stand watch at her side. Thank you, for including us during this time.

~hugs, love & continued thoughts and prayers for you all~


New Flower
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Dear  Claudia, Reggie, and Siobhan,

Thank you for taking time and communicating with us. I have been fortunate to meet you and Claudia in person and cherish those moments in my life. My thoughts are with you in this difficult moment.


Dear Claudia,

You have  created a very friendly, warm and caring environment here at the CSN.  You have been a sister, dear friend, and mother to me and more than a thousand survivors during the 10 years of your journey. You always amaze me with your compassion and humor, making me laugh in any circumstance. 

Your light is helping survivors find a path to the bright future in front of us. 



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I met Chenheart in chat in 2003.  (I was MaryO) She was one of the first to welcome me to this awesome network of cancer survivors.  In 2006, I went to Celebration on the Hill in DC where I had the honor of meeting her in person along with other CSN chat members.  It was an experience I will never forget.  Not only did she provide support and encouragement following my diagnosis of uterine cancer, but she also was there to comfort and console me when my best friend died following a 14 year battle.  We now need to be there to comfort and console her family as they go through the unthinkable. Chenheart was truly a survivor, and she taught me and many other survivors how to live life to the fullest following a cancer diagnosis.  Chen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me.  I will never forget the life lessons you taught me and so many others.  My life is better for having met you. <3

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I am not writing this with tears, but with a smile. Reading this gives me the pleasure of knowing how much you and Reggie are loved, and of course Chen. She is an amazing woman and vey much loved, and to be at this stage in her journey knowing she is still giving.... I hope you all can feel the hugs and the love that are coming your way. One of my sisters and I were blessed to help our mother through her final times in life as we know it and I will always feel blessed that I got to go through her journey with her. I learned more about her amazing strrngth, love and dignity and will always treasure that. From Chen, I think we have all learned hat hard as this journey is, whining will not make it better, so takach day and live it. Hugs and love to all of you, and mostly I hope you find peace and that she will not suffer too muh. Love Carol

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Chen, you have given so many beautiful pink sisters hope, humor, love & the will to fight the beast . What a difference you made to my life with your words of help & encouragement . I have known your spirit for 5 years and your love light will shine on in our hearts ..  until we meet again kindred sister  may peace and love surround you. I love you.

Siobhan , Thank you for your post I feel i know you through all your Moms posts...what an amazing woman you are, but then you learned from the 50 ft. woman yourself! How proud you must be of this angel you call Mom, I know how she loves you and she will be in your heart and soul always.


Reggie, The love you and Chen have is something so special. The love & respect she has for you came pouring from her soul. I remember feeling her happiness as i read of your marriage. I know also that she will always be with you.  no words can tell you how much her kindred sisters will miss her. My heart is with you I know how hard this is, My love to you all.

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As we have all said, Chenheart has been with us and given of herself for years and we are better for it.

Please enjoy eachother for however long that may be, none of us knows when it is our time,

Be at peace my friend




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So many others have said it so much better than I. More hugs. 




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You have taught me more about life, love and happiness that anyone in this world of ours. I will forever be grateful for all the wisdom you have share with me.

Every time I see a Hummingbird - I will think of you, Reggie and Siobhan. 

Prayers, and positive thoughts going out to all.

Your Sister in PINK, and Kindred Spirit

Vicki Sam



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