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News from Vinny :)

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Hi everyone.  I received a message/response from Vinny today.  He's been taking a mental health break from the site and I certainly understand that - especially with the news of Beth and Nathan recently.  Vinny is doing okay having some dizziness and vertigo again and will see the doctor on the 31st.  He asked me to say "Hi" to everyone.

I've thought about a break myself but John just wouldn't have anyone to pick on and who would keep him off that soap box? ;).  

I know Beth and Nathan would want us to keep fighting like hell and not lose our spirit so I'm determined to do that.  Though losing them has been painful, we rarely lose folks on this site and I am thankful for that.  We are strong, positive, caring and determined people here.  I'm proud of us all and let's keep kicking cancer ***!

Big hugs to all of you,



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Thanks so much Jim.  What a relief that Vinny is doing well.  Don't blame him for the break either, just so glad he is fine.  Yes, losing Beth and Nathan was and is hard and especially so close together.  Yes, you can't leave, you need to keep John corraled in Laughing.  The best to you all of course, you are all a wonderful support.  Thank you again Jim for the great news, let's hope we continue to hear that kind.  Bill & Becky

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I don't know Vinny but I am glad that he let you know he was OK. I know and understand that it is a concern for some of you "old timers" when you don't hear from a member for a while. It has been a tough time here with 2 recent member deaths.

If I could bring the group a casserole, I would. Or maybe a big, big chocolate cake. Being the Southerner I am, I always think of feeding people when they feel down.  Myself? I could use a nice c-o-l-d beer.

And speaking of John. . .haven't heard from him in a while. Have you? I sure hope he is doing well and enjoying his summer with that little grandbaby. And Sue, hope you have gotten settled in to your new home.

You are right, there is a strong, positive, caring and determined group of people here. I feel honored to be part of this group.

Big (((hugs))) to you, Jim


PS--thank you for being here


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Really glad to hear that Vinny is doing ok...I know how he feels about taking a break from the site especially when one of our buddies leave us :(....  

Thank u Jim for letting us know! Huge hugs to u both!!!



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Max Former Hodg...
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You are the King of this site, and may not abdicate !

I'd take some sort of break, but gave up on 'mental health' decades ago !

May his break be restorative and uplifting for Vinny.


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Hi Jim,

 Thanks so much for the up-date on Vinny. It's always nice to know how our buddies are doing. I worry about Maggie, Lisha, and a few others...been a long time since they posted anything....(especially sweet Maggie)! I'm hanging in there...no complaints. Long story short...we didn't get to move to the river. Too much info to type out, but all is well and we will try again next year. I couldn't make a move right now even someone else did it for me! UGH! Anyways...Thanks again for sharing about Vinny. Smile Sue

(FNHL-2-3a-6/10-age 62)

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I do not know Jimmy as well. However, its always TERRIFIC news when one of the lymphomatics (as Carie would say) is doing good! :)

As for you potentially taking a leave of absence Jim. I forbid that! Haha. If we are having a pot luck Rocquie, I shall bring the margaritas! Lol. (My favorite cocktail being from New Mexico) Tee hee!

Although, I personally have not or am not experiencing the trial of lymphoma. I truly do cherish you all and being able to talk to you all. It's like a this site has its own little "family" that I am so proudly a part of. I hope Kyle someday gets the chance to know all of you, as well. 


You all are such an inspiration.

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Thank you so much for your kind words.  You guys have really been through it expecially for being so young and having your life put on hold.  We are so happy that you have been able to be comforted by us.  It means a lot to know that we were able help a little and now see you reaching out to help others.  You and Kyle are special.  So thank you too.  Becky

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