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12 year cancer anniversary for my mom

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Meant to post this Saturday but the site just wouldn't load.  July 13th my Mom hit the 12 year mark from when she had her mastectomy.  She actually had 2 different cancers! She is now 80 years old and going strong.  When I went thru my bout with BC she was my model of how you get thru it with grace and dignity.

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Dear Vicki,

A big congratulations to your mother making it to a 12 year anniversary.  I am glad at the age of 80 she is still going strong.

Best to you and your mother,


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Megan M
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Congrats to your Mom!  Thanks for sharing this with us!

Nana Sue
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80 and going strong!  Congrats to her!

Cheryl S
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So happy for her!

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Hi there, I am new to this. Looking for some hope, about two years out from a double M and August marks two years since chemo was over. Some days are harder now than when I was going through treatment. Again, here looking for hope and connection, wondering if that is true for others?  Love hearing about Mom's 12 year anniversary, gives me hope.

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Congratulations to your Mother! 

Candi Cane
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12 years!  What great and positive news! 

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I am very happy for your family. May the blessings continue to shine in your lives. XOXO

Lynn Smith
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Happy your mom reached the 12 year mark and wishing her many more years.She very likely could make it to 100 years old!!!!

My mom was 21 when dx and she lived to be 81.I'm proud.I wasnt born when she was dx.  6 years later she had me.  Then my sister 11 months later and then my youngest sister about 3 years later.

Wishing your mom and you many more years. 

Lynn Smith


Lynne P
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12 years!  Congrats to your Mother!

Candi Cane
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Great!  Congrats to your Mom!  80!  Makes me smile! 

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That's amazing about your Mom too Lynn!  It gives all of us hope!

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What a bit of wonderful  news!!! 12 years seems like such a long time. Sounds like good genes run in your family!!!

Congrats to both you and your mom!!

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Sounds like you have an amazing Mom!  Congrats to her!

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wow GREAT to hear!





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This is wonderful.  I love hearing good news like this.  Many more years to you both.

Msg for your mom:  "Keep Shining, Pink Sister"


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I wish this site had a like button,I love love love hearing these kind of stories.~~MollyZ~~

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With Happy News.   Congratulations to Mom, and thank you for sharing this story with all of us.  News like this gives many of us, HOPE.


Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.





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Kristin N
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Your Mother sounds like one amazing woman and role model.  Congrats to her on the 12 years and I wish her many, many more years of NED!

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Really happy news!  Congrats!

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Congrats to your Mother and thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Hugs, Diane

taylor manny
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Congratulations to your mom.


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Congrats to your Mom and to you!  Wishing you a lifetime of NED!


Hugs, Debby

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This is such good news!  12 years for your Mom!  Congrats to her! 

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Alexis F
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Joined: May 2009

12 years, I am so happy for your Mother and for you!  Thank you for sharing this with all of us Vicki!


Hugs, Lex

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Vicki, you told us of your Mom's wonderful news, but, how are you doing? 

Sue :)

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So happy to hear that your mom is a 12 year survior, this is exactly what we all need to hear.  Congratulations!!!!!!  what an inspiration she must be to you.  Wink

June Bugs
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Congratulations to your Mother for being a 12 year bc survivor! 

Hugs, June

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Love these stories. Reminds me there are more who make it through than not.
After the last few weeks here, we need good news too!. How have you been?

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Loving the happy news!  Congrats! 


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12 years is very good news and I am sending my congrats to your Mom.


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Vicki, congrats to your Mother! 

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Kristin N
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Congrats!  Happy & Wonderful News!

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