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I have some happy news

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Sometimes when there is such sad news on the board it is hard to share happy news, but, in my heart, I know it is important to share good news too.

I saw my oncologist of 26 years today and he was THRILLED with my PET scan.  He even wrote across the top of the report "great response."  SmileHe told me 2 more rounds of taxotere and then I will be on herceptin/perjeta indefinitely.

He didn't seem very worried about my PET lung report.  My lungs were clear today (to auscultation), no more edema.  He thinks the lung stuff is due to the herceptin heart issues and he said there will probably be times that I have to take a break from herceptin.  He also said that herceptin's damage to the heart is reversible, which I didn't know and is reassuring.

My red burned face and neck are from the chemo, not necessarily the sun.  That was also helpful to know because I have turned into a vampire only emerging as the sun sets.

My happiness tonight is bittersweet.  Claudia's time running out and Linda having a difficult time--well I write this crying and conflicted.  Love to you all!

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Good news to celebrate! Happy for you!

Lynn Smith
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Good to know things are doing OK for you.Wonderful it's been 26 years since your dx and things are going the way your doctor wants them.

For Claudia and Linda's hard time we all have HEAVY hearts.The more I think about it the harder it gets. We have alot that have been just dx and then we have our Pink Sisters who've been around for a long time.I joined in 2011 but was dx 2009.  

It's good to hear your HAPPY NEWS.We all need it at this time. 

Lynn Smith

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great job there  we always need good news

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Your great news it wonderful and gives others a reason to keep hope alive!


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There is so much sadness on the board, that it is indeed good to hear happy news as well.  Think of it as providing so much hope to a fellow Stage 4-er like me.


Tons of hugs, Renee

New Flower
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Really happy that Taxotere is working 

keep responding. We will win


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Great news on your latest results.

Claudia and Linda are now on my prayer list.

God bless you all.


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So happy for you CC!!  You just gave everyone a lift by sharing your good news.  


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I am so happy that you are responding so well to the chemo, herceptin etc. I am so glad that most are responding well to chemo therapy. I wish I wa. I see the conflict, however, I am so sure that both Linda and Claudia feel only happiness for you also in your journey! All of us stage iv's are fighting this for just the results you are wxperiencing.
My advice is do whatever you are doing it is working and be one of the 30 year stage iv survivors, I would be the dirst jumping for joy!
Hugs, Carol

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Carol, I have always had a personal goal to make it 34 years because I was diagnosed at 33 and I want to say that I have had breast cancer longer than I have not.  Strange goal, but I am less than 8 years from it!

I don't know what my future will hold.  I know having had Stage 4 for at least 8 years...well, every day is a gift.

You are such an inspiration to me!  I have been thinking of you often and wondering how you are doing? Sending you prayers and hugs.  

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Dear CC,

I am delighted to read your post and so happy that all the misery you had at the begining paid off.  I am glad you can give up your vampire life and go back to enjoying the sun.  I often have a red face when I am outside, so I haven't linger to long.  Guess I can go back out too.

Life often gives us the bitter with the sweet.  I am very upset about Claudia and Linda but as Carol stated they would feel only happiness with your result.

Best to you,



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Doris, I do think the intense heat and sun make my reaction worse.  It looks exactly like a sunburn except it only affects my eyelids, cheeks, neck and chest.  It scales and goes away right before my chemo and my skin looks awesome a few days even after chemo.  Then whamo 7-10 days later, back to red, painful peeling skin.

I am still avoiding the sun.  Katherine, her fiance, Aaron, and 5 year old sweetie, Bella, are coming tomorrow.  Katherine is wanting to swim, but I will send them.  I just can't be out in this horrendous heat and sun.  Maybe will have clouds like we did over the 4th.

Hope you are doing ok?  Chemo is so tough, but I told my onc that I was stubborn and no way not going to get through it.  He laughed and said he told my Slidell onc exactly that.

BTW, my Slidell onc treats my regular onc's mom, so I guess that should reassure me.  But I miss my regular onc.  He is so sharp with a wicked sense of humor.  Some hate his dry wit, but we have always clicked.  I told him that my family said that I missed giving him a silver anniversary present last year and he cracked up.  Anyway, it is hard to see another--no matter how sweet and qualified.  I think I like them less sweet...Lol.

Always glad to see your posts!  Big hugs!

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Bella Luna
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It's terrific to hear your body is responding so well to taxotere.  Twenty-six years with the same oncologist is pretty amazing.  It's comforting to know a good and steadfast doctor is watching over your progress.

Yes, it is very sad to hear Claudia is leaving us and Linda is having a very hard time of it.  I pray God grant these two dear Pink Sisters and their families peace of mind and heart. 


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Great news!!!!! So happy about the PET scan. You are certainly headed in the right direction! Yay u!!!!! :)

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It's great to hear such good news! Thanks for sharing.


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It is good to hear this good news.  It will not change the sorrow we feel for others on the board but we need to see and hear when something good or positive is happening.   Thank you for allowing us to share this with you.


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Double post

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Yes Cynthia, this news is fantastic. So grateful for your wonderful report.

Thank you for sharing :)

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I am very happy to count the blessings and joy of your good news. You have always given good advice from your many years of survival. Today we celebrate with you! May you have many contiuned days of good news.


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