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Just want to introduce myself

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I have been a member of this site for about 6 weeks. I have been on almost every day. I just thought it was time to make my presence known.  I had a partial mastecomy on March 1. My biopsy showed so many precancerous cells, my doctor thought we should remove the whole breast. I had that sugery on March 19.  My cancer was so small that half of it was taken in the biopsy. I didn't need radiation or chemo. I feel a little like a baby when I feel like I need to talk about it because I  have had things so easy since this whole ordeal started compared to so many.


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You say you have had it easy because you did not need chemo or rads.  Well, there is nothing easy about hearing you have cancer.  We are all at various levels of treatment.  Once you have heard the words "You have cancer" you are one of us.

Feel free to come to this site if you have questions, concerns, fears, etc.  We are here to help and support.


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Welcome!  I totally 100 percent agree with Sandy and I could not say it any better than she did.  Cancer is cancer!  



Lynne P
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Welcome!  No one has it easy that has cancer, no one.  It doesn't matter what stage, grade, tumor size or treatment, it is all hard. 

We are all different, no one is the same in anyway, but, we do have one thing in common.  We all have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Ask questions and I hope you find the site supportive. 


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sorry you have to be here with us. i am glade you found a place to come and talk to othere  that will take you bay the hand and help you. like the other pink sisters cancer is cancer. i have been a menber for  6 years


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We are all here to offer our friendship and support!

This experience is one better handled when you have a place to share your feelings and have people here who understand!




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Thanks for sharing, and PLEASE do not feel like a baby!  Cancer is cancer....scary!  Only the discussions and hope makes it less scary.


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Welcome-I too was skeptical of joining this group since I  had lumpectomy and radiation-But everyone here is so caring-great to vent and get advice of all kinds...



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Dear Kate,

This is a wonderful place to come an express your feelings.  A diagnose of breast cancer is serious and no matter what stage one is, it is still cancer.   That makes you a member of the club you never wanted to join.

One post you should read is "Welcome to Hogwarts!! A primer for newbies".  Somone bumped it up yesterday as we learned that the author Chenheart aka Claudia was in the last phase of the breast cancer journey.  I think it is a classic and should be read by all the newbies.

You can either scroll down or copy and paste this:  http://csn.cancer.org/node/230446

I am stage IV and life hasn't been to much fun lately.   At one time I was a newbie and remember the fear of diagnose.   Back in those days there wasn't any internet and it was hard to not share your feelings with others who had a similar situation.  This is a great place to come share your fears with others and also help others who are going through the same things.

So Welcome to CSN Discussion Board for Breast Cancer.

Best wishes to you,


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