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Bad news...

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What a difference 4 months can make in the life of a cancer survivor.  Last April I wasn't feeling good so I went and visisted my GP, she seemed to do every test known to man to figure out what was ailing me. At the time she determined that I had influenza b and that I'd be okay in a few weeks. A few weeks later, I was feeling no better so I told her to call my Oncologist and she did. She told me that my Onc said it was very unlikely that my cancer returned, afterall, I had a clean scan late Feb 2013.  I pressed the issue, I made an appointment with my Onc, and he was kind of pissy to me, asked why he was doing the work of my GP?  I told him that I knew something was wrong and I wanted a scan, which he agreed to. As it turns out my cancer is back in multiple places, liver and abdomen wall.  That was 10 weeks ago, I'm back on Folfox with Certuximab and the latest scan showed "dramatic" results.  It's never easy to hear that you have cancer, especially the 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th time. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. 

I've been able to handle the physical part of the disease, I have no pain.  I"m finding the mental part of this disease is  tough to deal with.  Just when you think you might have a bead on this disease, it comes back and knocks you on your ***! It's hard to deal with!  I think I"m doing a great job managing this disease, however, I'm growing tired of having to deal with all of this once again. 

Bottom line is this, after hearing my cancer is back for the 4th time , I now believe that  I'm not going to beat this disease, but instead, I'll have to live with this disease till the day I die.  And who knows when that'll be, 8.5 years ago they told me I had about 2 years.


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That really sucks. I am truly sorry to hear that. I might be facing #4 along with you and Craig. I had a scan last week. My surgeon told me it was cleanso i was celebrating. I saw my onc this week and he had a nurse practitioner tell me that the radiologist report stated there was a small nodule which they didnt think was cancer but want to do an mri to be sure. The onc couldnt even make the time to tell me himself. So now its back to having scanxiety for the second time in two weeks.

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This crazy cancer can pop up any time and we know when things don't feel right. I'mglad you pressed the issue with your onc. Pray your treatments do the trick and you become NED soon.  Jeff

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Sorry that you are dealing with this again.  It seems that there are a couple people on this board dealing with the same situation.  You seem to have been dealing with this for some time and I'm sorry.  Glad that you are continuing to fight through this and hoping that this next round of treatments will bring you to a complete healing.


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...my Onc said it was very unlikely that my cancer returned, afterall, I had a clean scan late Feb 2013. 

This is one reason why frequent blood tests seem important to me.  One problem is that for new mets, multiple markers may be necessary to get an early warning, much less a second confirm.  The other is finding anyone that can read all the off label marker uses for cancer.   If a doctor says, "oh CA19-9 is for pancreatic cancer"  that's not the skill level needed. 

One pet peeve that I have is that on the day of diagnosis that they don't lay down a barrage of markers and biochemical tests that may be critical baseline information in the future - preop, postop and THEN select a smaller monitoring test battery.   I  include vitamin D, CEA, CA19-9, CA72-4, CA125, LDH, GGTP, hsCRP, ESR, PT / INR, fibrinogen on top of the CBC and basic panels for a "major barrage".  

Some of the extra tests are likely to be paid 100% out of pocket. 


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Sorry to hear your news mate. It surprised me a bit as I really thought you were sailing in clean air this time. All the best for whatever treatment you choose. I hope you can find some way to squeeze a little pleasure out of life. Ron.

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I'm somehwat new to this discussion board (i've only posted two comments), I'm very sorry about the recurrence.  My wife is the one with the desease.  I do agree wit you that the mental aspect of this desease is very tough.  I wish you and everyone on this dicussion board much success on this and future battles.  May God bless you and your family.  Until my wife began her battle, I truly did not understand the true nature of this desease.  You guys are all very brave.  I'm very happy that you have had 8.5 years to share with your family.  I hope God and science gives you many more. 


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