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post-treatment update

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I haven't posted since about half-way through my treatment of stage 3 laryngeal cancer. My 35 days of radiation and concurrent chemo ended June 7.  After a couple of weeks of post-treatment hell I'm on the way to feeling well. I'm back to work full time and other than a little pain and a raspy voice I'm doing pretty well. My energy level is pretty good and I'm starting to recover some from the atrophy of lack of activity during treatment. My surgeon says he sees no sign of the tumor through the scope.

I'll have scans in a couple of weeks, which I've been obsessing about. I have a grandbaby due in August and a great vacation planned in September. Anticipation is clouded by the prospect of possible negative outcomes.

Sorry if this is a double post. I thought I had posted before but it didn't show up. Glad you all are here! My day is brighter since I visited.


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We all suffer through it....

Congrats on a job well done...


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marty, congrats on being done with trmnts and doing so well!!  i wish everyone did as well as u but thankful that we make it thru.  i hope u continue to feel well.   keep us postrd on ur progress.


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Wow this report is wonderful news !  Good for you !  About those darn scans.....yeah we all dread them.  I'm so happy to hear the words planning a vacation....you're living how we all should be doing !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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It is nice to hear you doing well, getting the post treatment kick a_ _ behind you no doubt helps.

I anticipate sunny skies ahead for you.

Keep healing,


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I wanted to correct your typo. I believe you wanted to say ***.

When are we gonna do that ice cream smorgasbord?? We need to get you back into ice cream shape my friend.


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are doing so well.  I pray you continue to do so.  Enjoy the new grandbaby (your first?) and your vacation!




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the treatment is over for you!  Relax and enjoy your vacation and new grandbaby! 

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Glad to hear that you seem to be getting back to your old self!  Try not to worry too much about your scans, it's a good thing they can't see the tumor!  Stay positive :) 

I am sure you may not have seen me around here as I joined the end of May.  I'm here to support my dad who has sinus cancer and one lymph node affected.  He had his last chemo Monday and finishes rads on the 25th of this month.  I hope dad recovers as quickly as some of you on here have!  Wonderful news.

Congrats on the soon to be here grandbaby by the way!  Enjoy your vacation when it comes around :)

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I just had a small bout with it. Sounds like your doing well. Heal on.


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Glad to hear you're doing well! Try to keep busy--it helps your mind stay occupied with things other than the scan. Now is the time to start a new project, like a house repair or learning to paint. Vacation research and planning tends to occupy my mind pretty well, too! :-)

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