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Update @ 6 weeks

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Hello all. I have been away from this forum for a week or so only because I have been unable to log in or when I can get in I couldn't post. June 17 is 6 weeks post surgery for me. I am in the middle of my second week back to work. The first few days were kind of tough because of the drowsiness at the end of the shift but now things are going real good. I checked in with the nurse yesterday and was given the OK to resume normal activities. No more restrictions as far as the lifting/pulling other than start slow so I don't risk a hernia.

Hopefully the easy login tonight means what ever was the malfunction with this website is fixed and I can try checking in most evenings to see how everyone is doing, and maybe do my part in helping people the way you all have helped me.

Take care and be well.


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Sounds like a normal recovery. Now u r an exoert at it.





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See, nothing to worry about. Just keep up with appts. and scans.

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Keep on keeping on!  You won't be perfect for a while yet, but you're pretty damned good now!

Keep that calendar marked for Cedar Point!


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thats great news dan but you still need to mind yourself ok......don't do too much too soon ok....

eims x

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