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I have finally made a decision...

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I have decided not to have the surgery to even the size of my breast (due to the reconstruction one is bigger than the other) or the nipple reconstruction surgery. I am almost 51 and have decided that I have had enough surgeries.  I have lived like this since my reconstruction surgery in january and have been happy.  The worst thing is that I have not and will not be able to wear a regular bra anymore due to the size differences in my breast.  I have found that sports bras are very comfortable and I have asked (my daughter and my Honey) for some pretty ones for my birthday next month. 


Hugs to all,


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Hi Mommaellen,

I too decided not to have anymore surgeries after my initial reconstruction. I,like you, said enough is enough and I did not want any more surgeries.  Truly I am just happy to be alive.  Every one is different, and if it bothers you in the future you can always change your mind.  It's been 4 and a half years for me and I still don't want any more surgeries.

I hope you get some pretty new bras for your birthday.


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Hi...I also have very different sized beasts due to my lumpectomy.  I often wish i'd had the unaffected breast made to match because my affected breast is " Perkier".  lol.  Also sports bras are awesome, they help pull everthing in so I look more even.  Congrats on making your decision and best of luck.

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Congrats on your decision and good luck!

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I also have very mismatched sides due to lumpectomy. I found that the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy bra holds its shape and has enough padding to make it appear even. I also recently purchased a package of Luxxy brand sports bras that have removable padding inserts from a website called www.nomorerack.com they are very comfortable.

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Megan M
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I hope you get those pretty bras for your birthday Ellen!   I know you must feel so relieved to have made this choice.  We have to do what is best for us.

Good luck to you,


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I totally get it! NOT wanting any more surgeries. My surgeon just referred me to PS to talk about fat removal and injection to even me up! I am not even considering it at this point. I am 54 as of Saturday and don't feel the need to make any changes.

We all must do what is best for us-so what ever your decision is-it is your choice.



Lynne P
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I can totally understand that you don't want any more surgeries.  You've made the best decision for you and that's all that matters! 


taylor manny
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Just wanted to wish you good luck!

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Have you gone to see a certified mastectomy fitter?  They might just have something to help fill in the area that is missing.   I would first try them and they have wonderful mastectomy sports bras too.

After having so many surgeries and finishing chemo back in 1995, the last thing I wanted was more surgeries.  I had a minor surgery that turn into a staph infection, so I had 3 surgeries due to that problem before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Then I had a lumpectomy, mastectomy and a port-a-cath surgery.  That added up to 6 surgeries in 4 months.  

I wanted my life back and never did have reconstruction.  I never regretted it either.  

Try calling a certified mastectomy fitter and see if she might have want you want.

Best to you,



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I know this was a big decision for you and I am glad you made it.  We have to do what is best for us.

Good luck to you Ellen,

Sue :)

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I wear the sports bras and they are very comfortable... Better then the ones I used before my Double Mastectomy.

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Congrats on making your decision Ellen!  Good luck next month on your appointment and happy birthday early!


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My doctor told me of a store in my area that sold wedges to put in my perkie side to even it up with the larger one.  Works great so I can wear a regular bra.


Candi Cane
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Wishing you good luck and also sending birthday wishes a bit early to you!


Nana Sue
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It's understandable that you don't want any more surgery's.  Good luck!

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I had 4 surgeries and they are not the same size, so rather than do another recon surgery, I went to Dillards and was fitted to the larger side with a contoured cup that evens me out when I need a bra, and this is not often.  Usually, it's sports bra's or lined tank tops.  I love the lined ones from Target.

June Bugs
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Good luck and also sending very early birthday wishes!  May all your wishes come true!

Hugs, June

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 I so know what you mean.I actually had a surgery date set with a plastic surgeon to even me out and perform a lift on the non affected side. I am also 51 and thought why am I exposing myself to more surgery and decided to cancel.  I no longer wear clinging tops where my imbalance is highlighted. Just like Carol I like the lined tops at Target.I am not going to rule out plastic surgery for me in the futrue, I just felt that with  all that  I have been through the timing was not right. Besides our age I think we also have something else in common is your name Ellen? Thats my name too. Love surf 

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