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PET Scan

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Im very happy to say that my husbands PET scan came back negative!!!  He is getting 3 more chemo treatments then another PET scan to see if he even needs surgery. We are truly blessed!! 

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That is wonderful news. Pray your next scan  is the same! Jeff

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What was his diagnosis and initial treatment plan?


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That is awesome news.  Thank you for sharing.


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Hi Laz

He was diagnosed this past March with stage IV colorectal cancer. It spread to his liver and 6 lymph nodes. His primary was non obstructing so he started right away on Folfox with Avastin. The oncologist wanted to do 12 treatments right from the beginning and then surgery at some point. He just finished his 10th today and is doing great! Im so proud of him :-)

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That is fantastic! Glad to hear he is doing so well and responded to treatment!

Best wishes for continued success.

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Thank you for sharing your great news and best wishes for more!


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That is wonderful news! :)

Winter Marie

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