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PET Scan Tommorrow

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I head for the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM for a PET scan. They are now eight months apart so the anxiety isn’t nearly as bad as the first one or two but because I am heading to the beach for a week Saturday, I will call them before my appointment with the surgeon scheduled the week after I come back. Besides, Jameson on the beach will just taste better after knowing the results. If anyone wants to join me they are more than welcome. I will be easily recognized, I will be the one smiling surrounded by some of my grandchildren thinking Life is Good.

Enjoy the day……………….I do……………every one of them.


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I heard NED was going to hang out with you at "Da Shore" and he enjoys Jameson too! Can't think of a better combination... that is unless Sofia Vergara was there with you... Oh Wait... you're married and the grandkids will be there... 


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Have fun and enjoy...

Thoughts and prayers for an excellllent report.



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Hoping that you have a good day and weekend. Prayers that you continue to stay NED and anxiety free.


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Wish you well on the scan. Odds way in your favor. enjoy the beach and family! don

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in store for you!   Enjoy the beach.  We just got back and it was amazing.  I'm ready to move there :)  I wish you only the best with your scans, and hope you have a fantastic week!

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Jameson, mmm...enjoy!  I'll be thinking and praying for good results!  Enjoy the beach also Jeff, drink one for me!  I'll also drink one for me too... lol. 

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Sounds like a plan for a scan.  Do you think you could ask them to look at your brain (I know there is something shaking in there).

Wish you the best, I would show up, but it is more than out of my way.

NEDfully yours,


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Jeff my Buddy,

i will pray hard before i sleep tonight that the only pharse you hear is NED!  You are too special to hear anything else and i know God watches out for those who show kindness to others the way u do.  I am going to shore, Wildwood, from Thrusday till Sunday what shore will u be at? If your in Wildwood we are meeting for a drink( my honey isnt coming i am going with my family and has jobs at the lake). Good luck friend you'll be great!  My arms are wrapped around you while you are in that test bringing extra prayers to Heaven!


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jeff, i'm sure u will b NED!!  enjoy vavation and thegrandkids, that's what life is all about.


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Praying for NED....and enjoy that day with your loved ones at the beach !  Grandbabies are so much fun....and we get to send them home after spoiling them !  Lol !  Hugs !  Katie

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Wishing you all the best on your PET, and enjoy the Beach I always do


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