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What a rollercoaster ride

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Last week I posted my scan was clean. I told my surgeon that I did a scan and he read the scan that day with his radiologist and emailed me the good news.

Well today I went to see my oncologist and he has the actual report which states there is a small nodule on or near my liver which they can not rule out cancer at this point so they want to do an MRI to confirm.

Just when I thought I was in the clear for the next 6 months.

I went through a similare situation 5 years ago and the MRI confirmed it was nothing.

I find it hard to believe it would show up again in my right lobe when I had the whole right lobe removed and part of the left last time.

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I'm pulling for you.


b.t.w. I hate rollercoasters.

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BTW. I like rollercoasters. I just hate the cancer rollercoaster. I spoke to my surgeon who gave me the initial news that I was clear. He saw the spot in question and still thinks it's nothing. I guess I will know for sure next week when I do the MRI. 4 doctors saw it and all 4 think it is nothing but since there is a spot on the images they want to be 100% sure not 99%.

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...than I did, Jeff:)

I hope it's nothing as well. 

Cancer stayed clear in my liver for 5 1/2 years...and then returned....I just don't second guess anymore.

If there is one thing that cancer has taught us all - it that there are absolute no rules.....nothing indeliby etched into stone.

Good luck with the test...and I want to hear clear from you one more time.

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I asked my surgeon who gave me the initial all clear. He saw the spot and felt it was nothing. I really trust him. He is the chIrman of the entire surgery department ar an NCI hospital.

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I have a feeling from my own and other patients' experiences that the doctors give you the news in little packages instead of a staight answer.

I just found out the first time that a month ago I had a inflammation indicator of 113 that's supposed to be under 10. no big deal, but why don't they tell you these things straight up.

Anyway, we all wish you a clear scan and many happy days, weeks, years ahead,


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I still trust my surgeon when he says it is nothing. He has been doing liver resections for over 30 years so you can imagine how many scans and livers he has seen. What I found a little disturbing yesterday that I didnt even talk to my oncologist. He sent a nurse practitioner in to tell me the news. Furthermore i wanted to see the radiologist credentials that wrote the rport. He is only a third year resident. What the Hell does he know compared to my surgeon. They have 5 radiologist on staff that specialize in reading adominal images and I get a resident? And this is at a NCI hospital.

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I hate roller coasters in any shape or form.  I can't even watch other people riding on ones that do a loopdiloop!  This cancer journey is the worst ride ever.   I guess my issue with roller coasters is that I don't like to give up control...cancer does not like to be controlled. Somedays I just wish I could get off of this ride.  I will be thinking of you next week... I hope you get nothing but positive news and an all clear from your MRI!  



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Sheesh.  Just when you thought you were home free (at least for a little while).  So sorry.  We are pulling for you!


Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Jeff!  Waiting is hard enough without a repeat performance. Hoping all will be well and you can really celebrate.

Cathleen Mary

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J I have everything crossed for us.. I had a scan on saturday waiting for results on Wed...

Best thought and prayers being sent out for good news all around...


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Did you get the rezults yesterday

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Sure hope the 4 doctors are right... but even though MRI's suck too... glad you're getting it checked out.

keep us posted, we'll keep the good vibes and prayers going your way.



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Hoping its nothing...good luck!

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I think it will be fine. Try not to worry. It's just a little scare. You will appreciate your NED status even more once it's over!


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So true that this cancer is one huge roller coaster. Hang on tight! Jeff

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Hoping that you get good results from the upcoming test.  Sorry that you got this news.  Praying for the best outcome.


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Hi Jeff, I try to remain cautiously optimistic as far as my condition and tests go. I see that you put more faith in your main doctor which I think is a wise decision...

I did have an instance (only once...I made sure of that) where a doctor who was managing my pain looked at a scan I had before I met with my oncologist and told me "it looks fine to me" so I figured GREAT, the scan was good. 

Then when I met with my onc, either the same day of the following day, she said "ut-oh, I don't like the looks of this" and I think I wound up having a wedge resection in my lung. The next time I met my pain (in the arse) management doctor I made it clear that I do not want him to discuss my scan with me.

I certainly don't think it was intentional and to him it probably looked fine but he's not trained in that field. I firmly believe in letting the experts do what they do best.

On a side note, I know I've been scarce on here. Things are OK. I'm sort of in a holding pattern right now. My radiation was very successful BUT....yada, yada, yada there may be another lung met so I get scanned at the end of the month and take it from there.

So I've been doing some side work, getting involved politically (by building a website for a candidate I support in town) and have been trying to help a friend of a friend from Cyprus get hooked up with doctors at Sloan. While I don't obsess about cancer, it's always part of my life and I try to help where I can. Often it's just support since what's worked for me doesn't always work for others as we all know...I think



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Thanks for the reply Phil. I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear your busy with some positive projects. Hopefully our upcoming scans will be ok and we can remain out of treatment.

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