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Chenheart -- Any word, or updates?

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We can use an update on Claudia ... ?  Anyone ?


Vicki Sam

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Dear Claudia,

Though you have a hard time to post due to neuropathy.  A few words on how it is going with you would really be appreciated.

I can now understand the very difficult time one has with chemo.  Ran out of hormonal drug therapies in February.  Not liking chemo

at all.

Update, just a short one?


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LOVED her writings. Lifting her up in prayer.



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I texted her on the 7th and she responded that she had been in the er for 6 hours the night before due to difficult pain issues.  THey were looking for blood clots, happily they did not find any, but they also were not able to determine the reason for her pain.  They gave her stronger pain meds and sent her home, she was resting cmfortably.  I sent her a photo of a past luncheon and it made her smile!  If I get an update I'll let you all know!  Hugs!!! 



New Flower
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hello All ,

 I could not get on this site fro several days. I spoke with Claudia on Friday. She was using pain medications which provided a little help. Her scan was scheduled on 7/15 and the oncologist visit on 7/16 or 7/17 (excuse my Chemo brain). I will tell you as soon as I hear from her. Please send positive thoughts for a good scan results.

Thanks and hugs to all.

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Christmas Girl
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Heartfelt hopes for encouraging scan results.

Kind regards, Susan

P.S. to both Doris & Olga - Hope you're both doing well, treatments are effective.

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Posted this on her Facebook wall about one hour ago "Saddest of news. My sister Claudia Cable is losing her long battle with cancer. I'm on my way to California right now."

I'm heartbroken...


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So sorry to hear this from Facebook. I haven't been on CSN for years, but I've been in touch with Chen and several of you. Wishing her well and feeling so heartbroken.



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Such sad news.

Sending love and prayers.



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My heart is broken.  Chen is such an amazing spirit.  I hate this freakin' disease so much! Frown

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Claudia's emails to me when I joined the forum where so helpful and always positive.  I am devasted by this news even though I have years of reading forums and discussion boards, knowing the stats so very well.  I keep wishing for miracles.

I am hoping that this last part of Claudia's journey will go smoothly.



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My dearest Claudia, my heart waits for you in anticipation of a glorious entry....I am keeping watch, dearest friend, rest now.


Please, Lord, come to her with comfort and light....and hold her fast in peace and joy...


Hugs, my liebchen........Kathi

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I pray she will soon be free of pain, comforted by the Lord.

She's an awesome lady.


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Praying and sending love to our dear  sister in pink  when i look up and  see the pink sky you will be  there Claud.


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I've been thinking about her too. Thank you, VickiSam for starting this thread.


As I've read through the comments I'm heartbroken to hear this news. :(


Praying and sending much love to our dear Claudia. xoxo

Lynn Smith
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So upsetting. It's very hard. I get bent out of shape when I hear this news about our Pink Sisters or Brothers.I  start feeling depressed and worry what's going to happen next.I wasn't on everday for awhile and suddenly when I do check in 4 Pink Sister are having a rough time.Going to quit typing.My eyes are watering.

Lynn Smith

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Just not able to actually process this, praying for peace and comfort for our chen Thank you Chen for verything you have done for us!

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I am so sad to hear this about Chen.  She was one of the major supporters when I was newly diagnosed and all through treatment.  Every time I make my bed and put my bar of soap under the sheet, I think of her.  May God be with this special lady.

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I am so sorry to hear this sad news.  I am sad for our Pink Sister and for all the Pink Sisters and Brothers she has touched.  I did not know Chen, but I find myself crying as I write this post. So, so sad.

Hugs to all,


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I send my prayers and love for her. She was such a support with one of the most positive attitudes
I wish her peace in this part of her journey. I am 100% with CC. I absolutely hate this disease and its devistation.

Hugs and prayers,

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Praying for her and her family, pain free rest~Angels arms around her~


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I also read this on facebook this morning. I just can't believe it. I am heartbroken. Claudia helped me so very much when I was Dx, always the sweetest most helpful lady. I too hate this disease. I love you Claudia and will miss you greatly.

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Claudia - has touched so many of our lives, in ways she will never know.  My heart is broken.  All I can do is think about her beloved Reggie, and Sibohan.

My prayers, and positive thoughts go out to ChenHeart's extended family.  What a gignatic loss this will be for all.


Vicki Sam

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Christmas Girl
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The scan results, revealed yesterday, were... devastating. Beyond devastating. Treatment has been permanently halted. Hospice care began yesterday, and will continue daily. Claudia has little time left here on earth - several days, maybe weeks.

At this time, she is not using her phone, nor the computer.

Normally, I do not 'speak' for others. In this case, I have permission from a very close family member to communicate Claudia's status. They ask for privacy. And for continued love, support & prayers to be sent Claudia's way. They understand how much we all love her - and how much she loves all of us here. And it means a lot to them.

I know how I feel, many here feeling the same... I cannot possibly even begin to imagine the overwhelming sadness being experienced by her beloved Reggie, Siobhan, all of Chen's family, those closest to her. And Claudia, herself. She's been fighting, so hard, for her life. For so long...

Claudia had been undergoing chemo for two years... I lost track of how many different protocols, there were many. None were competely effective for all her mets. One worked on this; but, not that. Another worked on that; but, not this. It's been a long & difficult road. The chemo took its toll on her 'general health' - now, the cancer overwhelms. Despite her upbeat, as usual, online posts (though increasingly less & less frequent), Claudia has not been doing well for quite a while.

Her 3-year-old granddaughter, Aliyah, has been a bright light for Chen. A loving & snuggly little girl. Just a few weeks ago, Claudia & Reggie welcomed their first grandson.

My heart is not merely broken - it's shattered into a billion tiny pieces.

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Jean 0609
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No words can explain how I feel right now.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers to our dear Chenheart and her family.





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Like so many others, I have not been on this site for a while.  I saw the new information on Claudia on FB and was devastated as well.  Such a strong, valiant warrior who always had a kind word, comforting thought or funny story.  I was privledged to meet her here in Phoenix with a group of pink ladies for dinner.  What a wonderful woman.  Thoughts and prayers with you, Claudia.

Hugs, Renee

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My Heart is broken to hear this news.  Like so many of you - Claudia was one of the first people to offer comforting words and advice.  Her light will continue to shine bright in my heart!! 

Hugs, Shannon

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helen e
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You have been a ray of sunlight through all of my cancer issues. You welcomed me with open arms and answered any questions I had and were always so upbeat! My heart is heavy with the thought of losing you even though we've never met face to face. I can only be comforted by the fact that you will be out of pain and that there will surely be another angel in heaven to watch over all of us kindred spirits. It's time to spread your wings and fly. Be at peace Chen. You will be sorely missed!!


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I am saddened by this news.

Chen was one of those people that if we are very lucky  we come to know.  She was knowledgable, caring, empathetic, full of humor.  When we would have debates that would occasionally get out of hand she was always the voice of reason.  She touched every person she met her in a positive way.   Everyone here who knew her is better for the experience and even when she stopped posting her advice was often brought up and passed along.  Her Hogwarts analogy is a classic and is just one of many.  She shared so much of herself and her family.  Some of you had the privilege of meeting her in person.  I envy you.  She was the original organizer of the ornament exchange and when I missed being a part that first year she sent me an ornament.  This was our Chenheart, Our dear Claudia, our 50 foot woman.  I hope her passing is as gentle as she is and my kindest thoughts and prayers go out to her family. 


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Claudia's time here on earth has a time limit.. Thank you ChristmasGirl for the update regarding Chen's hospice care, and request for privacy. 

This is a part of the beast, the battle, or journey ..  that stings our cores, hearts and souls.


Any updates,  would greatly be appreciated.

Gentle hugs for all ..  Vicki

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The following was posted by Claudia Cable's beloved niece, Siobhan...


To the kindreds.. Thank you for always being the light in her dark days.. Thank you for loving her though some of you never got the chance to meet her in person. She has fought so hard for so long and all of you have stood by her side and this touches her heart more than I can express..


As we enter the final stages of this battle, carry with you the messages of hope, strength and love that I know she has imprinted in your hearts.

She will remind you to "be stronger than not angry at" and now is indeed time to heed these powerful words.


She is the light in our hearts, the strength in our souls and the inspiration to help the other fellow kindreds to do good unto others and to remain strong.


I have been lucky enough to have had her in my life longer than anyone, days, months, years of memories and she has shaped me into the person I am today and will live out my days always asking myself "what would Chen do?" when I'm faced with life's challenges. She and I encourage you all to do the same now and always..


Raise a glass, light a candle, say a prayer, for our 50 foot woman.

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Tears, many tears.  God Bless our special pink lady, Claudia.  


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