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Check in -- Carol/Camul

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How are you doing dear Sister ?  Please check in with us when you can.   We are worried and thinking about you.


Vicki Sam

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Thinking of you and hoping the pain is better.


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I am okay! I made the decision when I came back from CA to do something everyday and I have. Even if it is just cleaning. I have heen to my sons, church bingo (didnt win), out to lunch with friends, pedicureand mass! May not seem like much, but for me it is. Do not want to alienate myself from the world.
My son gets home from Japan tonight, cant wait to see him and his gf. 3 weeks seemed so long. And another brother checked into a condo with his wife for 6 weeks from AZ for the summer, so hopefully will do some fishing and hopefully make it to the Nevada Border for a little slot fun!.
I have felt much calmer since deciding against hospice at this point, just do ot feel that it is time yet! and realized while in CA, that it doesnt hurt any more if I am having fun than it does layind downm i donget tired really easy, but then I can sleep ! So as long as I am able, I intend to spend my tome living!
Hopefully, this site will get better and I will check in more often.
Now hoping to hear from Chen, Linda, Olga and Sirod!

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Sounds like you're busy enough to me.  I had dinner tonight w/a BC friend, and we were saying the same about spending our time living in the moment.  We are both fine for now but realize how quickly things can change and don't want to miss even ordinary things.  Right now I can see rain from my window!  Very relaxing and needed.  Take care of you Smile  Hugs, Linda   

New Flower
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Naps are my favorite source of eenergy this site is almost impossible to get in

i am glad that you are in a good spirit



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I loved your uplifting post.  Your spirit is so bright and it is nice to see you enjoying life this way.  Hugs and prayers sending your way.

Love, Terry

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