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Off topic....My beau is bonding well with his new heart.....

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Other than trying to do too much, he is doing great!!!!

Hugs to all!  Kathi

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So very glad to hear that your beau is doing well.

Best wishes to both of you for a healthy and easy future.


Marie who loves kitties

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How fortunate to have his name called from the list in the nick of time, though I'm sure it feels like a lifetime ago now.   Best wishes with recovery and wishing you both well.

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Great news ,I wish you both well.

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Wonderful. Thanks for letting us know! Hope the smooth recovery continues.


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So happy for the both of you!!

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I love you both, best to you and Hans! ( give him a big Spanish hug).

Cathleen Mary
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How wonderful after such a long haul. Enjoy! 

Cathleen Mary

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That is such good news.  I'm glad that he is doing well.  With you taking care of him, he should be doing very well Laughing.  Thank you for the update.


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It so good to hear this news! You may have to tie him up to get him to rest. You know the saying "You can't keep a good man down.............."



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You would think so, wouldn't you.  But, just like a child, he had to learn.  2 days after discharge, he tried to fix dinner.  Now, he is usually the cook, but I remembered when I first came home from the birth of my daughter trying to fix dinner and ending up ordering pizza it was SUCH a disaster.

He got about 1/3 of the way through, and then started barking orders at me.  I looked at him and said, with all due respect, "The doctor today told you your body would tell you when you were doing too much.  If you want to continue, do it yourself...and give my portion to the dog (dutch expression)."  It was a disaster, and he was in severe pain for 2 days after.  

Sometimes I just need to let him scrape his knees.  I am now the cook.  He is now the patient.  He has now returned back to the healing level he was 4 days ago....lost time, IMHO!  If only he would listen to 'momma'....*grin*!

On the other side of it, though, is that this same fighting spirit is what has made recovery faster.  That, and an incredible young heart!  I have an obligation to 2 lives now, one, my beau's, the other, the beautiful heart and the life of the donor that made this all possible!

Hugs, Kathi

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