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Well Folks, It's Time Again

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For me to feel a year older. Please join me as I wish my firstborn, Johnnybegood, a great big Happy Birthday tomorrow. Pretty soon, she'll catch up to me & I'll have to raise my age again.  DRAT!!



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Dear Wolfen, thanks so much for letting us know about JBG's special day...each and every birthday is so important.

And congratulations to you too for your great accomplishment...of having such a wonderful daughter.

Love and hugs to you both,

Marie who loves kitties

P.S.  I just started calling my kids my younger brother and sister...lol.  Kept me from having to get older with them!

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Wishing you a very happy birthday.  Hope you get to do something very special.


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Happy birthday to both of you,may you both have many more.

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Geez Wolfen, you scared me with that title. I find lately I am always braced for bad news. Happy to know that not the case.

Happy Birthday Johnnybegood. Hope you have a great day!


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everyone for your responses i guess i should be glad that i am still here for another b-day but you put not feeling well plus still missing my stepdad who passed away in may just really doesnt feel much like a celebration.be well everyone and hugs...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Happy Birthday JBG!  Here's to a better year - cheers!



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I certainly get where you are coming from...when you don't feel so well and have other trauma in your life, it's hard to see the good times over the horizon....when you have enough trouble just getting through each day.

Let me tell you something though...

I'm dam glad to still see you up here as often as you are!  I see little pieces of you that are emerging as you post...most of the time you are quiet and supportive, but I've seen you bleed a little bit of yourself here over some posts....I read between the lines and I see more outward expressions from you all the time. 

That always makes me feel good...I love people when they come in contact with themselves....when they can look inwards to themselves and spell out what they are feeling or thinking. 

Maybe, I'm just now rubbing off on you, LOL! LOL!

I know things are not ideal....and state of health plays a part in our celebrations...I've come to realize that alot of our days we didn't choose to be what they are....and we didn't choose to feel how we're feeling....

The big day(s) come and go....bdays, anniversaries, scan days, result days etc.....

There are many of those that go by the wayside, because we don't feel the way that we want to feel....and yet the day presents itself....we never know if we will see that date again.....and win, lose, or draw....that's the day we get. 

I wish it weren't so...

You know, you and "Mama" have grown on me...not too sure why she takes after me so:) LOL!

Both of you have suffered enough heartbreak for a lifetime....I know you both miss Ron alot and that is a testament to the relationship that you built and shared. 

More than a birthday though, every day that you are here is a GIFT to your Mom...having never felt true love in my life growing up, I've come to recognize what it looks like up here.  And from what I've witnessed...true, genuine, sincere love between anyone is the real gift in this life - and we don't need any special days for that....because with love, then every day sure seems special all unto itself. 

Which is why the hurt "hurts" so much for you both...

Just know that you are surrounded by those who care about you both...

I know how hard it is to enjoy...when you hurt.  And all the words in the world don't make the pain go away...but I hope it tells you that your life has meaning for many people.



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Just want to say Happy celebrated even if you don't feel like celebrating, know we celebrate your life and glad to have you on this forum helping us along the way.


Winter Marie

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Happy Birthday JBG a little late, have had trouble getting on the board the last week.

Wishing you a great year, go catch Mom so she has to raise her age :-))


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