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Fucoidan anybody?

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Does anyone have any experience with Fucoidan? It's a dietary supplement from okinawan brown seaweed that supposedly has very strong anti cancer properties. It can be very expensive but seems to have a lot of support on the Internet. Anyone have direct experience with it?  Or any thoughts regarding it? Thanks

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Google (fucoidan  cancer pmid)  This gets papers listed by PubMed.  Sources are what you pay, probably can find a commercial fucoidan source by the kilo much cheaper if you hunt.  Internet hucksters typically charge a lot for any similar material, regardless of its merits.  I know fucoidan type materials have been around for years, some highly hyped.


No personal experience here.   Any summary with links is welcome.  I notice that Life Extension sells a fucoidan product.  I tend to lump fucoidan products as a somewhat similar situation to mushroom extracts, where I pick and choose between papers with sources promise, price, and whatever I can see in individual medical testing.  We use supplements as an important part of an overall complementary strategy with low dose chemo.

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