did you see any tumours in the mri or the cat ?

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Worlds leading tace pioneer Thomas t vogel "NO" I was his first patient 9am and his last 7pm, after tace to the liver, i did IPT b17 dca xeloda insulin liver tonic, fish oil.

You will never read about TACE done with IPT, its takes combining the best of two different clinic, and persauding the doctors after the event how clever they are. I still might die tonight from side effects, the drug cocktail is not really that natural anymore, that said I fel fantastic and vitals are all good and I just had organic vegis for dinner after fasting all day.

going diving in the tropics and a weeks ketogenic fast in the blackforest and cleaning up loose ends.

of course the diving will be on 100% o2 and the diet planned for the rest of my life Ketogenic, which i am still struggling with. see mercola about hbot and ketogenic. alas only mouse studies.

This is news i was dreaming of, but dared not.

My blog and views and therapies extreme, but if you are interested have a read.

good luck and a sincere thanks, especially to my critics as in many ways they have motivated my desire and faith in myself and my therapies.

so you have helped save my life, so thanks. I hope we all live lives with love and joy.

godbless us all.


Rat ( Pete really died when recurrence 2 started )

ps yes this is premature and we all know this illness and its cost, i say saviour the victories no matter how small and how short. I am on cloud 9 million, cloud 99 is a long way down. this is the greatest achievement of my life buy a long long long way. I am doing seriously risky experimental therapies and post on colonchat, if your interested in the road less travelled, well just google any colorectal alternative therapies and the chances are you will find my blog or a post here from november 2010.

pps I had a wonderful chat with Ren at Siebenheuners clinic , he is feeling better and we smiled. I will never stop praying for miracles for us all, whatever therapy.

his blog is so professional and mine well it is what it is. the story continues............

if you cannot say anything nice, can you let my joyous post stay positive. I have not said a negative, off to the sauna!


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    Hi Pete
    I'm not too sure what

    Hi Pete

    I'm not too sure what the heck your talking about but it sounds positive. I am glad it's all working out for you in Germany. It sounds like the German therapies are really agreeing with you.

    It's nice to hear that Ren is feeling better. I do hope things start to look up for him soon. He just can't seem to catch a break. Ren's blog is very professional but what's important is that you are both taking the time to document your experience for the purpose of helping others. That's very commendable. Thank you both for all your efforts.

    Wishing the very best for you.