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Ensure-Better Price??

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I was wondering, with such high prices for cases of ensure, does anyone know where my dad can find it cheaper or maybe some kind of program that gives people who have cancer discounts for ensure?  With all of the medical bills piling up that would be one less thing for him to worry about.

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contact her/him.  The one at my hospital started me off with a couple of cases, and then I bought mine off of Amazon.com for the rest of treatment.  Once treatment was over, I took her the two cases I had left over.....I think many people do that.


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Everytime I purchase a 6 pack at my grocery store (Schnucks) the register spits out a coupon for $2 to $5 off the next purchase. I used the less expensive Walmart brand when it was going through my tube. 

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If your dad is a veteran and is registered with a VA medical facility, there is a possibility he may be eligible, as a prescription item.  I receive two cases of Boost Plus every month with just the co-payment as my cost.

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Thank you for repling to this post, I couldn't remember who had posted in the past that they received some Boost from the VA and I didn't want to give the OP'er incorrect information. Also, I have an appointment Monday at the VA and will inquire myself about this. I know at my age, things do slow down, but I feel I should be able to do more. I guess the "Red" S on my shirt is fading......

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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We used the Walmart Brand of the Ensure Plus. $6.97 for a 6 pack. 

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I used the Walmart brand, too. 

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I've done a lot of shopping, as I am on liquid replacement for most of my calories, and have been for quite a while.  The cheapest I have found is on Amazon, for Boost Plus, at about $1.10 per box.  That same compay sells on ebay, but has recently raised its price when selling there.  I have never found a local source at anywhere near this price, including WalMart.  My local WalMart prices are much higher.



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I pay $44 for 30 count case of Ensure Plus at Costco.  Regular Ensure is significantly cheaper but I don't remember the exact price.


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I buy the store brand. It's the same and much cheaper.

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