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So I had a follow up with my oncologist after having a ct scan and was declared cancer free.  That is the best thing to hear so relieved.  My doctor brought up the subject of genetic testing especially for breast cancer now that I have had ovarian cancer.  He told me that if it comes back positive I should consider having a proplaytic mastecomy that is a scary thought.  Any one have thoughts on the subject of genetic testing and what they would do

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Your daughter has posted the same question. I think you should get tested, mostly for her benefit. I would not worry too much about prophylactic mastectomy at least until you got test results back. If they come back positive you can have high risk surveillance including doctor's exam, breast MRI, ultra-sound and mammograms every 6 months.


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I'm in the process of getting set up with an appointment with a genetic counselor because I plan to get genetic testing.  If they come back positive, I know I have options, including not doing anything.  Prophylactic mastectomy may be one option but it's definitely not the only option.  I actually picture myself getting the high risk surveillance that Alexandra talks about.


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Congrats on your latest results Smile.

I definately think you should go for the BRCA test - I am BRCA1 unfortunately and had breast cancer when I was 35 (left breast), at the time I had a lumpectomy but am now seriously considering prophylactic mastectomy as my docs tell me that I have around an 80% chance of getting further ca in my right breast..... I really don't want to put myself through more surgery BUT looking on the 'bright' side it means that I (hopefully) will have nice pert boobs :) But the serious side is that if you are BRCA +ve then your children will need to be tested.  My son is BRCA1 (he is 20) my daughter who is 23 is going to be tested soon and she has already decided that if she is +ve she will seriously consider prophylactic breast surgery and oophrectomy in the future but it means she will have to more children sooner rather than later!!! (she already has one bubbu - my beautiful granddaugher Summer) 

I think in the end it's about having knowledge and knowledge is power as they say.......

Good luck with whatever you decide to do...

Michelle x

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Congrats on the scan results! I am BRCA2. having been tested after getting OVCA in August 2011. I opted for the close surveillence program the other ladies spoke of but at my first breast MRI they found a small tumor. The doctors think the breast cancer might have been there along with the ovarian, a double whammy.  I had a double mastectomy in January 2013 and am now doing a year of Herceptin and 5 years of Arimidex for the breast cancer. I would have had to have had big guns chemo but since I had so recently finished carbo/taxol, I just got the easy stuff. No side effects so far. The only thing I can say is that the mastectomy was far easier than the hysterectomy, and I felt lucky to have found out early about the breast cancer. Whatever you decide, knowlege is power! I doubt I would have done the mastectomy without the cancer diagnosis. That said, my sister who is also BRCA2 chose to do both surgeries after seeing what happened to me.

All the best,


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