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Update: Post Surg, post AUS, post Rad, post Lupron, post diet, post exercise, post supplements

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May 6, 2009 I thought I had received a sentence of death. Dx of PCA, Gleason 7 (pre surg).

June 2009-----da Vinci surgery. Post op Gleason 8, Stage 3, 2B cancer---even closer to a death sentence.

April 2010----although incontinence, a PSA (ultrasensitive) that rose from 0.05 to 0.07.

May 2010----Casodex, lupron treatment started.

June 2010----AUS surgery to cure incontinence pre rad therapy

July 2010----Radiation therapy, 37 treatments of IMRT. Completed without complications.

Aug. 2010---Activation of AUS

Sept. 2010---Asian/Meditteranean diet begins through today----NO red meat, NO dairy, minimize sugar

                  Exercise with cardio and moderate to heavy weight lifting for resistance 5 days weekly, for roughly 45 minutes per session

                  Walking 2-3 miles per day in addition with spouse.

                  Vit. D 10000mg per day under MD supervision

Jan. 2012----Last lupron shot in a two year regimen.

Jan 2013-----Ultrasensitive PSA: less than 0.00

Today 2013--Ultrasensitive PSA: less than 0.00


You may argue, draw your own conclusions, but I am a believer. Do you think I will change my exercise, diet regimen, or that of my supplements? Not unless those numbers change. Do I think this is a scientific study of any sort? NO way. 

I am so happy I cannot tell you. I am not here in any way to boast, for I know many suffer, beyond their own control. What I promised is that good or bad I would report from time to time.

To me this reeks of success, whether it be surgical, radiative, dietary, exercise, supplemental, or mental frame. You may decide.

My reason for being here is to share my blessing, but mostly to share what has worked for me so that it may help someone else in making very tough decisions. To all those who read this whose solutions have not worked, my deepest, heartfelt empathy. Tonight for me feels as good as the day I felt so badly when first diagnosed. Not that I am out of the woods by any stretch, but for now the evil bug is quiescent.

Four years ago, I really thought i was "dead man walking". Tonight my reprieve lives on. I am truly a lucky man with a great wife (aka support). When you perceive the woman you love has the cancer in her mind to the extent you have it in your body, you are truly a lucky guy. Thank you Jude.

I am willing to answer any queries anyone has. I have counselled many on the AUS surgery and follow up. I think diet/exercise/ and supplements is just being realized by the medical community, and it close to being accepted. Not sure, but I think so.

Cheers, Bob

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You've been through it ALL and all the while, managed to stay positive--an extremely important quality during tx & recovery that you're too modest to admit.  
May you always have the wind at your back, clear skies, smooth waters and plenty to smile about!


hopeful and opt...
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I am very happy to read of your excellent news. ....Lot's of proactive decisions............wonderful life style choice....enjoy the moments

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Reeks of Success

You name it. It all means good. Congratulations on the Zeros.

I hope you are enjoying the Mediterranean diet with less salt, and that you accompany the meals with a glass of wine.

I salute your good results with my own glass of an Esporao red.


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mrspjd, hopeful, and vasco I thank you. And vasco, of course, at least one and maybe two glasses of red every night. A man has to get his reveretrol after all. And, of course, have some vices with that strict diet. Love all reds but Zin, Cab being #1....Cheers, Bob

ps: Really hope things are going well for you. You, Kongo, and mrspjd, along with others are inspriational on this board.

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