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Cancer spead

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What are the chances that cancer cells from a 2.5 centimeter mass has spread. Saw orthopedic doctor today due to pain in my left shoulder. A bone scan years ago when I had prostate cancer showed that both shoulders were deteriorating due to arthritis. The shoulder was X-rayed today, and doctor saw something he didn't like so her ordered MRI. He said spot of concern could be an old cyst.


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At 2.5 cm there are 2 chances the Kidney Cancer has already spread to your spine. Slim and mone.

Probably nothing, but check it out.



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Unless you had a very agressive RCC grade/features/subtype.


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Havng MRI of the shoulder tomorrow. Hoping it's good news.

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Most likely nothing...  We all tend to get a bit over sensitive to every little ache or pain, once we have heard those ugly words.. "you have Cancer".  I have had some persistent back pains... scans showed nothing.. just my normal bad back.. but it sure scared me.   It is not likely anything grew that fast anyway..

Good Lucl.!


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It's like Chicken Soup!  It can't hurt!

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