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Ned yay

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I have been out of commission with a horrible virus- fever - sweats and sleeping all day llong . But my 2 nd pet scan was NED. Thanks for the prayers. The doc has me on strong antibiotics and cough medicine. I can't swallow most foods so I am back to soups and  ensure ,  then on top of it all I have been having a horrible time logging into the website. My doctors tell me the problem with my not being able to swallow is not cancer related. I asked if it could be treatmentment related and I just got the look.

Thank you everyone,


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NED....we always love to hear that one!!  Ralph, I'm almost a year out of treatment and still am the most comfortable eating soups.....I can eat other stuff, but not all that comfortably, without a lot of water...not only to provide "wet" to my mouth, but to get the food down the hatch.  My swallower works fine, it just seems that the food wants to ball up at the end of my tongue....it will get better.

Now kick that virus in the butt, so get a chance to see how you're really feeling.


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thanks Phrannie. today id day 4 with this virus and i think i am finnally over the hump

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Well, you are now two years out and NED. You are now or soon really close the the point where one can start thinking about being "in the clear"> Nearly all recurrence occurs within the first two years. All morbidity charts show this. There are slight chances in years 3-5 but you are 90% there. Congrats!

Common sense does dictate that if you have a pretty bad cold it can cause eating issues. We all have many past experiences of being sick and just wanting some soup due to sore throat or whatever. You will mend up pronto.

Many are having issues with the site, you are not alone.


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i am only 6months out from treatment - but thank you for all you insight. 

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yep, the gift that keeps on giving...


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Congrats on the NED. Sorry the excitement was deflated by the virus but certainly reason to celebrate!

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To me, this site goes in cycles--we get a steady flow of newbies who are righfully worried, and then we got folks like you who who have made it through treatments to see our boy NED waiting for you!  Congrats on meetiing our favorite person.



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You are NED in the head, that’s what I read; before you know it you will be eating bread.  It is soup for now and a little Ensure; it is a temporary cross you must endure.

The look from your doctor was an admission of agreement and the time logging on makes us all come screaming, but look what it brought us, it brought us to you, to share in your NED, how true, how true.


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Great new being a NED guy, Congratulations. I too am having a lot of problems logging on and very slow when I do finally get logged in.  


Take care


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I always enjoy NED's presence.


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ralph, congrats on ned!!  i'm do'n a jig around my kitchen  :0)


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your NED news.  I can't wait until there can be poems recited and dances around the kitchen for my brother.  I love you guys!  :-)



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Glad to hear the NED. Hope the virus is kicked in the butt soon for you!


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