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Scan results

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I am really struggling with writing this post. I have been off line for the past several days due to an upcoming scan and I needed to clear my head before the scan. It is very hard for me to say this especially with so many struggling hear. Craig (Sundanceh) is a very good friend and it is heartbreaking for me to see what he is facing. But I feel we have a responsibility to post good and bad news. As you have said Craig keeping it real for the other folks here. especially the newly diagnosed.

For those of you who don't know or are new here I ws diagnosed in October of 2005 stave IV and have suffered 2 recurrences. The last one was over 1 1/2 years ago. I have been out of treatment for exactly one year and my scan today came back clean.

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Good news is very important. I am so happy for you. Congratulations and thank you for posting this news. I understand why you may have been hesitant, but I too agree it's a responsibility. So many people lurk at CSN and are reluctant to join. Think of all the people that we aren't even aware of, that will read your post and feel some hope.



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I agree wholeheartedly with Chels, post the GOOD as well as the bad since so many people just need some HOPE to get through this.  As such, a big Congratulations is in order!!  :)   You've beaten the beast down - way to go!!  Keep it up!


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Congrats on your scan being clean!  I will get my final treatment on the 17th and then get my PET scan on the 27th.  I'm hoping for good news too!!

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I am really happy for you finaly reaching the finish line. It is such a good feeling to get the pump disconnected for the final time. Although beware that it is common to have a feeling of emptiness after treatment is done and you are not receiving the constant care and attention from doctors and nurses. It's happened to me on a few occassions. It seems so odd and is something they don't prepare you for.

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It's so strange you just wrote that about the end of treatment.  My husband had his last (hopefully) treatment yesterday, what a letdown. I don't know what we were expecting, but we both left a little sad and irritated, me probably more than him.  We've been asking for several weeks about what happens next and the onc. kept saying "We'll review it at his last treatment"  Well, the onc. was on vacation so we had a new onc who didn't even introduce herself.  The notes in his file said "Review followup care wtih patient and wife" with no followup notes written.  Also, different answers on port flushing irritated me since they kept talking over me when I was asking them to be specific - I'm no medical professional but want to get it right since my husband has major chemo brain lately.  They scheduled a followup in 6 weeks with regular onc. and port will get flushed then.  Hopefully they will be prepared to discuss the future.

Thanks for letting us know it's not unusual to feel this way.

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The cr@p with the onc unfortuntaely isn't unusual either. I changed oncologist becaus of stuff like that. The onc I have been seeing for the past 1 1/2 years is at a major NCI hospital which is where I had all my surgeries. I actually think the communication or lack ther of is worse. I know they are all probobly overwhelmed but why don't they realize how we feel. Quite frankly is sucks. Keep pushing them for answers. I know I drive my doctors crazy at times but it's MY life that is at stake.

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We often use the family analogy for our relationships here. 

We need to hear the good news so that we can at a bit of spark back into our hearts and minds so we can continue to help those in the family who are in need.

Good news is important and not begrudged by those not so fortunate.

To see the sun shine for another, gives each of us a bit of light through the clouds.

Congratulations on the great results.

Marie who loves kitties

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We always welcome good news in this forum.  We have enough bad that the good news brings a real pleasure.  Continued good luck. Stay NED

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Congratulations. This board is about support and encouragement and nothing does that like good news, best wishes Ron.

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I appreciate your sensitivity, Jeff...but, the needs of the many - are greater than the needs of the few - or the one...

May the winds of fortune continue to blow your way:)

I was hoping you would post clean...I had a feeling good news would be coming.  Thanks for sharing your good news with the group, they need to hear it:)

Take care and hang another good one up there in a few months!


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Craig your response brings a tear to my eye. I am there for you any way I can be.

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Very happy for you!  Good news is always good!


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Yes - so happy to read this!  Celebrate and stay well!  Thanks!

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oh jeff when I saw you had posted my heart stopped......ayayayayyyyy good news......good work buddy!!!!!!! mags

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Hi Jeff,

Great to hear the good news, I am walking the same timeline as you. April 2011 was my operation Stage IIIb. My scan in May was totally clear also they even checked lungs en bones.

Hwever they detected a enormous hernia. New concern .

We always like to hear the good news too.

Keep the clean scans coming, I pray for that.

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We are so much alike. I get nervous everytime i see someone that I know posting scan results. It is hard for me to click on a post about scan results in fear of bad news.

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Haven't had time to be on the boards ...... Read your post and was /am elated! Hope you are celebrating and wishing you the best and continued great progress!
Sincerely - Barb<

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excited glad to hear the great news you got. That is wonderful and so encouraging to me. Thanks for news and pray it continues! Jeff

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Awesome news. Take care of yourself.

I wish you wonderful days, weeks and years ahead and I hope your mind will finally spend less time on your illness and more on fun, productive times.



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Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this great news with us!  I love hearing positive outcomes.  I am so happy for you!


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Thank you for posting and happy to hear the news of clear. I am also stage IV and need to read some positive news from other stage IV'S. I am just 1 year 3 months since diagnosis and need to read some positive stories from long term fighters - with all sadness it's good to hear a news of clear.
Sandy :)

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Congratulations, Jeff and thanks for sharing.  Good news is broadly important so that we know that this thing can be beat at even daunting turns in the road.  I've seen how easy it is to despair and risk disasterous inaction.  Positive examples are important so we do not fall into traps of inaction and formalism.       

Cathleen Mary
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Great news, Jeff!  We share your joy. Good news is always welcome, especially on a day like yesterday when we learned of Steve's death. Both have a place here. 

I hope that you celebrate and savor this news.  I am so happy for you and those you love.

Enjoy NED!

Cathleen Mary

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The news about Steved made it hard to post. I knew he was in bad shape but he still passed so suddenly. It was a real shock to me.

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OMG wonderful news...


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Personally, I need the good news....  Also a Stage 4 that is "only" 13 months into the fight...

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Congratulations!   Please always share your good news- it IS a gift to the rest of us, a gift of hope.  I am thrilled for you!  Cheers! and best wishes for many more clear scans!


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It's important to share the good and the bad.  Newbies need to hear the hopeful news too.  Best wishes!

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for sharing your GREAT news!!  "May you feel safe, may you feel happy, may you feel healthy, may you live with ease"

This is great news for all of us, we celebrate with you...

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You should always share good news.  It gives people hope and I'm so glad for your test results.  I'm sure that the waiting time is stressful for the news and I'm always a basket case for a month or more.  Yipeeee to you and go out and celebrate.  You can do the naked happy dance :)


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Thank you Kim. I remember your were the first to welcome me when I joined this great community.

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Wonderful News!!!!!

J never be afraid to share good news..

I have been lurking the last few months.. I am sorry... I haven't posted thru the tough times.. we have been loosing so many of those I have felt were friends... I am so happy to read some good news..

Stay Strong J...

Love you , Donna


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It's good to hear from you Donna. I was concerned about you since it has been a while. I certainly understand the lurking with so many lost loved ones. What a brutal disease we have to constantly deal with even when we are doing well physically.

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i can certinally understand about not wanting to post but you need to put it out there and at least give our newbies some hope.good news is always welcome.congrats and keep doing what you are doing...Godbless....johnnybegood

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You are right about the newbies . Helping newbies has always been a priority of mine. I can remember how scared and confused I was like it was yesterday.

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i appreciate how sensitive you are in your post but good news brings us hope. Great news about your scan and thank you for all the support you give the board. ~Ann

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