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I guess I'm in the club now.. the initiiaton was a bit tricky...

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I've been reading posts and gaining confidence from all of you since I was diagnosed March 10th with a 2.5 cm tumor on my right kidney lower pole. After 2 opinions and waiting to get in to see the surgeon in Cleveland Clinic Florida.. my surgery was scheduled for July 5th. I had a lot of medical clearances to get and had to be off of anti-coagulents for almost a month before as I have suffered 2 heart attacks in the last year and a half and am considered high risk for the surgery. I must have chosen the right Doc as I seem to have come through it relatively well. Robotic laproscopic partial nephrectomy.. the surgery took 7 hours. My left arm was paralyzed from the anesthesia it seems but after 2 days, some of the movement returned and the 3rd day I was able to use it a little. It's still numb though but at least I have some use. I'm having a tough time with solid foods though.. everything tastes like salt.. and I find  have very little appetite.. the pain is there too but it actually eases when I get up and move around or try to take little walks in the fresh air. My follow up is July 17th for the pathology report. So I hope I "used to have" cancer.

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Your tumor was fairly small..so unless it comes back with an aggressive histology or grade..you may be a bit premature about joining the club :D regardless Cancer is a scarey word and all those who have felt that terror are more than welcome! Praying for a ned outcome at you dr appointment..when someone gets on of those we all get happy for them..so please keep us updated...good news is always welcome! Ps you are officially no longer a lurker so we insist on the update! Hugs

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Not fun that initiation. Worse when you have other medical problems to worry about. At 2.5 cm it is the exception rather than the rule as far as RCC issues in the future. Just keep those heart issues at bay.



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Hi cralleycat,

I'm sorry that life brought you here, but there are far worse clubs to belong to.  At 2.5cm (roughly the size of your thumb) yours was caught very early and you should have nearly a 100% chance that the surgery is all you will ever need except for follow-up tests, scans, etc.  Very soon life will return to "normal" and this little bump in the road will be a distant memory.  Hang around and we'll help with questions, an understanding ear, or just give you a place to vent if you need to.

A fellow survivor,


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Crallycat, you'll do fine. Time to take your wife on vacation. Or at least the woman in the picture. Kind of wakes you up though doesn't it?

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foxhd~ a vacation sounds like a great idea.. we are trying to plan an overseas trip for Christmas. I hope I'm feeling close to my old self by then...  (Kiss..  and i am the woman in the picture. lol)

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It was a good catch on the diagnosis!

Sorry you have to join, but glad to have you here! 

Stay vigilant, stay hydrated, keep your appointments, and live life between scans!

Fox's suggestion of a vacation sounds like the perfect prescription for post surgery.


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