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2 Broken Wrists - Upcoming FOLFOX

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Yep - I fell on July 4th and fractured both wrists.  My father always told me if I did something - I should do it right the first time...Dad died at 53...:-)...but he was one heck of a guy!!!  Due to chemo I wasn't even drinking - maybe if I had been this may have turned out better!

This is a year of firsts for me: 1st colonoscopy, cancer, first ever chemo, radiation, and surgery, first real illness and hospitalization, first broken bones. I gotta go out and buy a lottery ticket. I mean, really!  What are the chances!  (And scarier still:  Whats next?).  Oh, yeah...I can't drive!!!

Anyway, I digress. I really do have a question. Has anyone experienced broken bones during FOLFOX?  I'm having round 5 this Wednesday. Does chemo impede healing?  I'm already bummed about 6-8 weeks of casts then splints. Wondering if I need to prepare myself for the potential of longer healing time?  Ortho surgeon suggested postponing but doesn't really know.  Onc's office said come in for next round on Wednesday - so I haven"t talked with doc..But my onc is a pretty tentative type guy so other than wanting to ensure I keep on schedule, doubt he will be very helpful or informative.

Also - any tips on doing day to day stuff with VERY limited use of hands?  Hurts to type even...

I couldn't find anything on the net - so hoping one of you might have some insight?



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It's amazing how when we were younger, you could roll us up like a ball and bowl us all over the yard...and we rarely got hurt.

These days, we see how a fall can have longer lasting impacts than the initial thud. 

I had no bones broken, so cannot definitely answer whether chemo impedes the healing process.  On the surface though, one would suspect that it would delay things by the sheer nature of its force.

We are all ususally trying to heal from a surgery with chemo in progress....but for mending broken bones, I don't know.

Sorry you are having trouble with your hands...it's very frustrating...I believe most of us have this affliction at some point or the other....pain and difficulty performing what were simpler procedures. 

I used to just clench my hands slowly and then release slowly ...try moving digits back and forth...rotate your wrists each direction, stuff like that...any type of hand exercise that might keep flexibility up is helpful. 

My hands and fingers and joints hurt all the time...daily typing probably helps me enough to keep fluid in retaining the skill.

Wish I could help you more...

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So sorry your dealing with broken wrists. You've clearly got a good sense of humor and I think that will get you through these next few weeks. I suspect the chemo will not impede healing but I have no experience with this problem. Hang in there!


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I love my bidet seat, which certainly made life easier for me with my recent shoulder surgery (dominant side, of course.)  Be sure to ask for waterfporro casts to give you a little more freedom.  (I had my broken wrist, one only, 2 years before cancer.

Wishing you quick healing!

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Thank you for your kind words and support!

As expected, I went in for Round 5 of FOLFOX today and visit with oncologist.  He said that they don't like to postpone chemo and that the chemo COULD cause a delay in healing.  However...who knows?  No surprise.  I guess I'll just have to suck it up and wait and see.  I'm getting used to that wait and see mode - as I am sure you all have experienced as well!

Abrub - hope your shoulder is healed and functional again.  This is really not too fun... :-)

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